Zachary Levi Delivers a Totally Wild Shazam 3 Tone for James Gunn

DCEU star Zachary Levi has a really wild Shazam! 3 pitches for DC Studios co-CEO/filmmaker James Gunn ahead of Shazam! wrath of the gods.

Zachary Levi has a really wild Shazam! Game 3 of DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn. While the DCEU is slowly drawing to a close, there are still a few movies left for the Warner Bros. Discovery Channel to distribute before the new DC Universe is born. The first of 2023 is Shazam! Wrath of the Gods, will continue the story of Billy Batson and his adoptive family after Shazam 2019! Movie. In the sequel, the Shazam family faces more than one threat when the Daughter of Atlas arrives in the DCEU. While a trilogy has always been envisioned for Shazam, time will tell if they actually make it happen after the second movie.

In a recent interview with Fandango, Levi talked about the future of Shazam! movie franchise. When asked if he had any ideas for recommending Gunn, Levi made it clear that he never imagined what the future of the franchise would look like, in part because the young actors have grown up so quickly. However, Shazam! The star really came up with the idea to Shazam! 3. The hero is forced to fight against zombies. Levi didn't see any of them undead, Thought it would be funny if they had to settle for "Hordes of the Undead", shared the following:

With our particular franchise, it's been very difficult for me to wrap my head around what would be the move. Partly because all the kids are growing like weeds, so I don't even know how that applies to the dynamic of what the movie's going to be. I've never seen a superhero zombie movie. Genuinely, I would love to kill zombies, and I think it would be really fun to do Shazam [3]. Not an undead Shazam, but rather we're having to fight off like hordes of the undead.

Will There Even Be A Shazam 3?

DC Universe will be a new beginning for Warner Bros. Discovery's attempt at building interconnected superhero franchises. After Shazam! With the DCEU being reorganized into the DC Universe, Wrath of the Gods, The Flash will be a major reset for the studio. Gunn has said that some iconic rules will replace various actors, including Superman and Batman. However, there are still some things that may or may not be carried over from the DCEU to the DC Universe.

Which begs the question of Shazam! 3 possibilities in the DC universe. It all depends on a variety of factors, including Shazam! Wrath of Gods, both commercially and critically. Gunn always had the opportunity to see a natural place for this version of the Shazam family to continue in his new universe. If so, the co-CEO of DC Studios might find a way to make it work. However, Gunn's interest and Shazam! Wrath of God's success may not be the final factor in making the sequel possible. warner bros found Levi's potential anti-vax tweets may also be seriously considered.

Warner Bros. Discovery Channel has yet to comment on Levi's statement, which is controversial and comes just before the big DC Universe roster is announced. Time will tell if Levi's tweet will play any role in Shazam! 3 ends up taking place after the second movie. But in the end, Shazam! The franchise could end simply because the DCEU is in its final stages before the Great Reset. Once Shazam! Wrath of the Gods hits theaters, and its box office numbers are starting to come in, which could hint at whether or not there's a Shazam! 3 will be possible.

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