Wonder Woman Is Immune To The Justice League's Biggest Threat

The Justice League faces some of the most dangerous things in the DC universe, but Wonder Woman is immune to things that not even Superman can beat.

The Justice League has faced all the biggest threats in the DC universe, from Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor to Perpetua and the Dark Knight, but only one threat can consistently defeat Superman and the entire Justice League - and thankfully, it's one Wonder Woman is completely immune to .

The Justice League are no strangers to cosmic dangers, battling veritable monsters from outer space to defend Earth for as long as possible. But some threats got them into more trouble than others. One such threat is the Black Mercy, a deadly flower bred by the warlord Mongol. The Black Mercy is a plant that - when attached - lulls its victims into hallucinations of heaven while draining them of their energies. Black Mercy forced Batman to confront the trauma of his parents' death, and it gave Superman false illusions about life on Krypton -- and in both cases, they had to escape from the illusion rather than flee from themselves. But a member of the Justice League is so powerful that Black Mercy isn't a threat to her at all.

Wonder Woman Is Immune To The Black Mercy

Readers can see exactly how Wonder Woman is immune Black Mercy in Trinity #6 by Francis Manapul and Emanuela Lupacchino. While visiting Kent Farm, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are ambushed by Poison Ivy. Ivy has the ability to control Black Mercy and trap the three in a false reality created by the plant. Poison Ivy was able to defeat Superman with ease, but that obviously doesn't work for Wonder Woman. While both Batman and Superman had to overcome trauma to finally see through the illusion, Wonder Woman was able to rip things off whenever she wanted. The only reason she stays in the hallucination is to protect her friends from traumatic manifestations, fleeing as soon as she knows they are safe. The fact that Wonder Woman can shed Black Mercy at any time means she really can handle one of the biggest threats the Justice League has ever faced.

Wonder Woman's Truth Powers Have Unexpected Benefits

There are many deadly things in the DC Universe, but all of these threats can usually be met with mental or physical strength. Black Mercy is insidious because victims don't even realize they're in danger, which is why Black Mercy Mercy is too dangerous for the Alliance. If Darkseid invades Earth, that's clearly a threat that needs to be wiped out, but if Superman is trapped in an idealistic life on Krypton, there's no reason for him to try and escape. This deadly flower gives Wonder Woman a fantastical vision of Steve Trevor, but she's in tune with her emotions, not being fooled, following her heart to take her out of the structure.

Many comic readers overlook how powerful Wonder Woman's ability to see the truth actually is, but it's not limited to the Lasso of Truth - she is able to wield this divine weapon because of her commitment to the cosmic ideal it represents Promise of. Wonder Woman is the embodiment of truth in the DC universe, and if she loses faith in it, reality itself will begin to unravel. This quality has many unexpected benefits, one of the biggest of which is her immunity to the Black Mercy - a deadly plant that would otherwise prove itself to be the Justice League's worst nightmare.

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