Wives and sisters: Kristen Brown's boyfriend David calls her 'queen'

Christine Brown has already been dubbed 'The Queen' by her new boyfriend David Woolley, and Sister Wives fans love the couple's moniker.

The newlyweds, wife-sisters Kristen Brown and David Woolley, aren't holding back as the star's new beau already calls her his "queen." For years, viewers have watched Kristen do her best to get by in her loveless marriage to Cody Brown. After 25 years of marriage ending in November 2021, the mother-of-six has high hopes that she will find true love again.

While fans just learned Wife's sister's Kristen Brown is in a new relationship, her boyfriend David is shouting out his love to the world with a new Instagram post. On Valentine's Day, David shared a photo of the two sitting in a restaurant enjoying a meal.

The two are comfortable, sitting in the same room. David wrote in the post's title: "My Queen." In an instant, Christine flooded the comment area to reply "My King".

Sister Wives' Christine Brown Finds Happiness With David

In another romantic post, David just shared a photo of Kristen smiling for the camera in a pink top and suede hat to match the Valentine's Day festivities. David shared he knew he had found his soul mate after taking Kristen to The Little Mermaid drama, it's clear the "The Wife" star has a zest for life. While the post felt a bit flashy, and some commenters worried that the couple might be overstating their newfound love, most could tell that David and Kristen were exuding youthful love .

Kristen has had a bumpy road on her way to true love. Viewers of The Wife's Sister repeatedly saw Kristen pushed to the back burner by Cody, who often chose to hang out with his fourth and favorite wife, Robin Brown. For the past two seasons, Kristen has fallen out of love with the polygamist, especially after he started neglecting their children. Fans were shocked when Kody refused to participate in Ysabel's back surgery and felt sorry for Truely after he started ignoring her. In the end, Christine chose to listen to her own voice and her six children, and finally decided to leave Cody.

Now that she is divorced and back in Murray, Utah, Kristen seems happier than ever. Cody's former third wife was able to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, and apparently found true love. Hope she and David are filming for the new season, like Kristen It has been hinted that TLC has begun production on Season 18 of The Wife and Sister. Now, fans can follow the couple's love story through social media.

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