Will Frasier reboot to revisit the Cheers Bar? Grammar gives the cryptic answer

With Frasier Crane back in Boston, Kelsey Grammer gave a cryptic answer when asked if the Frasier reboot would visit the Cheers column.

Kelsey Grammer gave a cryptic answer when asked if the Frasier reboot would visit the Cheers bar, since the show will take place in Boston. Frasier first appeared in a supporting role on Cheers season 3 as Diane's new boyfriend following her breakup with bar owner Sam. Despite initially being a guest star, Frazier was eventually promoted to a regular on the series and even landed a Seattle-based spinoff, Frazier.

Since it's already been confirmed that the Frasier reboot will be set in Boston, curious if that means it'll visit the Cheers bar, Grammer gave a cryptic answer when he appeared on a recent Today show with Hoda and Jenna. Watch it below:

Grammer understandably couldn't reveal plot details about Frasier's reboot, including whether or not to revisit his old pub. But interestingly, he knows exactly what the Cheers bar looks like today.

"There's mention of a certain bar. I had heard it had gone kind of [belly up]."

Why The Frasier Reboot Needs To Visit Cheers

When it was originally announced that Frasier would be rebooted on Paramount+, it was revealed that it would be set in a brand new city. So it was a bit of a shock to learn that the snooty psychiatrist would be revisiting his old haunts. conspiracy Specific details on the show are still scarce at the moment, but Fraser and Lilith's son Freddie is expected to play a major role in the revival.

Since the Frasier reboot is set to be the character's third and final performance, it seems fitting that he revisit the Cheers bar - assuming it still exists, considering that's where he started his TV show. According to the account, he spent nearly a decade hanging out with Sam and the rest of the staff at that pub, and for a while, they were his family away from home. As socially awkward as it is, Cheers is his comfort zone, so it's nice to see him reminisce about his younger days drinking beer and talking about everything.

Grammer says Frasier's reboot was inspired by Roseanne's return. Given the Conners' penchant for nostalgia, it seemed fitting that the Paramount+ show would do the same. Seeing Frasier back at the same Cheers bar in Boston 4 years after his first entry was definitely a special treat for longtime fans.

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