Why the Yellowstone star doesn't think there will be a happy ending

Why Yellowstone star Wes Bentley thinks the show will definitely not have the payoff and happy ending he's been hoping for.

Yellowstone star Wes Bentley doesn't think the series will have a happy ending anytime soon. The owner of Yellowstone's Dutton ranch finds himself in trouble, and it's only going to get worse as John Dutton (Kevin Costner) contemplates giving up the family ranch. The show seems to be heading in darker and darker directions as the Duttons continue to kill each other.

While Bentley wanted the show to have a happy ending, it doesn't look like it will come. With Kevin Costner-led Yellowstone reportedly coming to an end, the main show may not feature a welcoming family reunion. After all, in an interview with TVLine, Bentley explained that Yellowstone co-founder Taylor Sheridan told him that there would be no peace for the Duttons. Check out what he had to say below:

"Kelly [Reilly] and I have always had this sort of secret hope that there would be some reconciliation, some love reconnection [between Beth and Jamie], or at least [some circumstance in which] they worked together in some way. [Sheridan]’s just like ‘No, no, no. Hate, hate, hate.’ So I think that is kind of an indication of how this all wraps up maybe.”

What Will Happen To The Yellowstone Universe When The Show Ends?

Yellowstone and Costner's tenure ended disappointingly, but the universe isn't falling apart anytime soon. After all, Costner may be leaving the project, but there's still plenty of shows to come. Each of them works to fill in the history of the Dutton family through countless generations as they combine to complete the Yellowstone timeline.

With the 1883 show off From the very beginning of the establishment of Dutton Ranch, the family blood has been deeply rooted. Other derivatives, including 1923 and 6666, are filling the void in other parts of the world. 6666 -- pronounced "four-six" -- is building another modern ranch in Texas. No longer confined to Montana, the universe could continue to evolve even without the involvement of the Dutton family.

However, Costner's loss at Yellowstone was a big moment for the team. Yellowstone as the dominant series has become a cultural phenomenon due to intense infighting within the modern-day Dutton family. While Yellowstone's next show will be different, each will retain the new Western tropes and family drama that made the show so popular.

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