Why Welcome to Plathville Fans Should Be Kinder to Olivia Plath

Welcome to Plathville Fans have had a lot of negative things to say about Ethan Plath's wife Olivia Plath, but they should be nicer to the reality star.

Welcome to Plathville Fans have been tough on Olivia Plath, but they should minimize their criticism of Ethan Plath's wife. Olivia's morals are known to be very different from those of the Plath family. Olivia grew up in a very conservative household where women didn't have much freedom. When she was old enough, she shed this lifestyle and found herself drawn to Ethan, who also had a very conservative upbringing. Olivia and Ethan's mother, Kim Plath, have had a strained relationship over the years because Kim doesn't like anyone influencing her children to escape the lifestyle she has raised them in.

Welcome to the family of Olivia Beeson of Plathville. She is sex-positive and often uses her Instagram account to encourage her female followers to embrace their sexuality. This is different from Kim, who wants to protect her kids from everything, including pop music and soda. Ethan's relationship with Olivia caused tension with his parents and caused him to stop talking to Kim and his father, Barry Plath. Olivia received backlash for this, but Welcome to Placeville fans shouldn't blame her, and should Instead, see how helpful her beliefs are.

Olivia Has Helped Ethan Plath Branch Out

Ethan was cut off from the outside world in small Georgia, but Olivia was able to expose him to many exciting life experiences. Anyone who has seen "Welcome to Placeville" knows that Ethan will never be as happy as the way his parents raised him. He even admits that he has a lot of resentment towards his parents. While it's hard to see someone disowning their parents, and it's easy to believe that Olivia is the problem, it's actually Kim and Barry who cause Ethan to disown them. Olivia brings adventure into Ethan's life by going on vacation with Ethan to places he's never been before. Olivia introduced him to culture outside of small-town Georgia. She wants Ethan to have the freedom his parents never gave him.

Olivia Has Strong Morals And Beliefs

Both Kim and Barry's morals and the people they raise their children with are very ignorant and toxic, but Olivia sees the world very differently. She always posts about self-love on her Instagram account to encourage women. Some Welcome To Plathville fans, like Reddit user SNARK63, Not liking Olivia's pole-dancing lessons, Reddit followers dubbed them "watch my pole-dancing lessons," implying that Olivia was taking lessons to attract attention. However, Olivia actually takes the classes and posts the videos for her own pleasure and to help other women feel comfortable with their bodies. During the June 2020 protests, Olivia also shared a Black Lives Matter post on Instagram to express her support for victims of police brutality.

While Olivia has caused a lot of tension within the Plath family, she has good intentions and fans should recognize Olivia as a good person who improves Ethan's life. Unfortunately, Ethan and his family don't get along, but Olivia isn't to blame for that. If she allowed Ethan to lock himself in a box to please his family, she would do more harm than encourage him to break free. Welcome to Placeville Fans should leave Olivia alone and understand that she's not the problem, she never was.

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