Why Survivor All-Star Rob Cesternino Thinks Carolyn Wiger Will Win

Two-time player Rob Cesternino has locked in his prediction for the Survivor season 44 winner, Minnesota drug consultant Carolyn Wiger.

As the season 44 premiere of "Survivor" looms, and winner predictions start to take shape, two-time player Rob Cesternino thinks Carolyn Wiger is the favorite to win the season. Rob is considered an authority on survivor strategy. He competed twice, finishing third in Survivor season 6 with a dominant and game-changing performance. Unfortunately, Rob didn't last long in Survivor: All-Stars, as he was backed with huge goals for his Season 6 performance. Since joining the show, he has built a very successful reality podcast network called Rob Has A Podcast, and he and his extensive roster of podcasts cover both reality TV and pop culture.

Carolyn, a drug consultant from Minnesota, was Rob's bet to win Survivor season 44. She's one of 18 new contestants entering the season and hopes to use her personality and free spirit to win. She considers herself an eccentric and hopes to follow in the footsteps of other big names like Maryanne Oketch, who won Survivor season 42.

Rob Cesternino Believes Carolyn Wiger Will Win Survivor 44

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For each season of Survivor, Rob and his wife Nicole Cesternino Host a season preview podcast where they predict the winner of the upcoming season. In a preview of Survivor Season 44 on the Rob Has A Podcast, both Rob and Nicole chose Carolyn as their favorite to win. Nicole spoke highly of Caroline, saying that Caroline's unique life experience will give her an edge in her game: "She's a drug counselor, she's sober, she's always around people, she's always around, she's been Survived it. I think she's going to be a really good player." Rob agrees with Nicole's assessment of Carolyn's chances of winning, saying he believes Carolyn will be popular with other players while not being a major threat to win, similar to Recent winners include Maryanne and Erika Casupanan.

Carolyn Wiger Will Be A Memorable Player On Survivor 44

Regardless of whether Rob and Nicole were right in their prediction that Caroline would win Survivor season 44, it seems certain that Caroline will have an impact on this season. Not only does she have a phenomenal personality like her Survivor idol, Mariana, but the story of her entry into the game is sure to connect her to the audience. Carolyn has been sober for 13 years Having experienced drug addiction in her early twenties, she is now a drug counselor. She displays a spiritual strength that makes it impossible to hold against her.

In Survivor season 44, Caroline had a tough job. She's up against a strong cast of competitive players poised to go for the million-dollar prize. However, if Caroline can use her social strengths to gain a foothold in the game, she has a good chance of making it far in Survivor.

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Survivor 44 premieres Wednesday, March 1 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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