Why some behind-the-scenes fans agree with Sandy's criticism of Frazier

Captain Sandy Yawn and Chief Stew Fraser Olender have been clashing on Under Deck, and fans are starting to understand why Sandy is so upset.

Fans of the Below Deck are starting to understand why Captain Sandy Yawn is always so frustrated with Captain Stew Fraser Olender. Season 10 of Below Decks is never short of drama. After Captain Lee Rothbach left due to health issues, Sandy stepped in and was immediately hit by drama from Camille Lamb and Alisa Humber. Her first fight with Fraser happened when she wanted to talk to Camille about her fight with Alissa, and Fraser told her not to. Sandy doesn't like this and warns Fraser never to tell her what to do again.

Things took a turn for the worse when Below Deck's Fraser recently encouraged charter guests to pack their bags before breakfast so they could enjoy their final vacation without feeling rushed. Sandy thought Fraser was urging the guests to disembark. She later accused him and several others of standing up and talking instead of working. Fraser tried to explain himself, but Sandy didn't want to hear it. Chief Stew was hurt by Sandy's accusations that he felt he was doing a good job. Sandy also accused Fraser of making excuses and not properly handling the other crew members who worked under him. he.

Below Deck Fans Think Fraser Messed Up

Fortunately for Sandy, even when Fraser thought she was wrong, some Under Deck fans supported her. Reddit user Cesmina12, who is on Sandy's team, wrote, "Sandy sometimes goes overboard (hahaha), but Fraser is terrible." The follower gave a lengthy explanation, saying they understand that Sandy can be disrespectful and harsh at times , they did think she was pretty tough on Frazier. One of Sandy's biggest criticisms, however, is that Fraser is trying to be everyone's friend when he should be in charge of the crew. The fan agreed, writing: "As a department head, you have to draw a line between your friendship with your subordinates and your responsibilities as a manager, and Fraser clearly hasn't done that yet." Fraser doesn't treat Sandy well. Another fan admitted they were on Fraser's side, but didn't "think he's a great big stew."

Below Deck's Sandy Deals With Misogyny In The Industry

Reddit fans explained that they sided with Sandy in part because she was a woman in a male-dominated field. "I honestly can't imagine how much manliness and condescension she might have to put up with on a regular basis," the fan wrote, which is totally understandable. women often Having to work harder than men to be valued, and while Sandy may come across as mean, especially to Fraser, she's probably just frustrated. Not being taken seriously, or feeling like her crew doesn't respect or listen to her, may remind her of the number of times male co-workers or bosses have spoken to her. There are many times when Captain Lee gets frustrated with workers or charter guests, but he doesn't get the same criticism as Sandy.

There are good reasons to defend Frazier and Sandy, but Frazier should not be let off because some fans think Sandy is too mean. Below Deck fans have every right to accuse Chief Stew of not doing his job. Sandy's job is not easy, and if the crew doesn't respect her, it's even harder to run the ship. Especially as Lee's replacement, she doesn't want to disappoint him by letting her crew do whatever they want. As Under Deck season 10 progresses, hopefully more fans will empathize with Sandy and understand where she's coming from.

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