Why Sister Wives Fans Think Kristen Brown Moves Too Fast

Wives and Sisters star Kristen Brown may have moved too quickly with her new boyfriend David Woolley after posting about their relationship.

Wives and Sisters star Kristen Brown may have moved too quickly with her new boyfriend David Woolley. Kristen, who left her husband Cody Brown in 2021, had a major life change in the last year. After 26 years of marriage, Kristen moved out of the family compound in Arizona and settled in Utah to be closer to her grown children. While Kristin's siblings, Janelle Brown and Merri Brown, also chose to leave Cody, it's another major move for Kristin to start dating again after her divorce.

While it is clear that Kristen Brown and Cody's relationship was strained from the start on "The Wife and Sister", many fans were surprised to hear that Kristen was leaving her husband. However, fans are excited to see her settle down in her new life, especially as she gets more time to spend with her grandchildren. Christine announced she was dating again in the fall of 2022, a development some fans felt was a little too soon after the divorce, while others were delighted with the development.

What Did Sister Wives Christine Brown Say About Her New Boyfriend?

When Kristen recently posted about her new boyfriend David on Instagram, she captioned her post "I finally found the love of my life, David." Many wondered how When they saw the post, they looked serious. In a Reddit thread started by ParticularEmploy1137, one fan commented: "Too early to start calling him the love of your life! I'm so happy for her, we know she's been lonely [but take it easy]." Many Fans flooded the comments to support Kristen and her happiness, but some also discussed how quickly she's improving. One Redditor explained, "Not unwelcome here. Soul mates are a bit much, a bit fast," while another said, "Coming from an abusive relationship, she needs to be extra careful. Love bombing is easy to get sucked in. So I agree, she should slow down."

Should Sister Wives' Christine Brown Be Taking Things Slow?

While it's unclear how long Kristen and David have been together, the fact that the couple is as serious as they are seems to speed things up a bit. Fans can agree that while Kristen has been in a difficult relationship for most of her adult life, the idea of ​​her being in a relationship and coming out of it and finding her "soul mate" instantly is not harmonious. While fans want the best for Kristen, many also feel she should really make sure she's looking her best Before publicly declaring and sharing her new, secure personal life with the Sister Wives audience.

Christine and her boyfriend David appear to be happy in their relationship, which is what matters most to fans. It's clear that Kristen has moved on from her troubled relationship with Cody and is looking for new happiness, and many are wondering what's next for the "The Real Wife" star. As long as fans are invited to participate in Kristen's next move, they will likely follow her.

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