Why Sister Wife Fans Are Not Interested In Mykelti Brown

After some recent comments in support of her father, Cody Brown, and his wife, Robin Brown, fans of The Wife and Sister have found Mykelty Brown to be unimpressive.

Sister Wives fans have called Mykelti Brown flat after some recent comments in support of her father, Kody Brown. While the main cast is also buzzing online, Cody's wife Robin Brown and ex-wives Kristen Brown, Janelle Brown and Merrie Brown tend to join him in the spotlight. Now that many of the family's children are grown up, they're getting more and more appearances on the show, sometimes even making headlines. Mykelti, the second eldest child of Christine and Kody, has been getting more and more in the media lately, but not necessarily for the better.

Sister Wives' Mykelti Brown tends to speak her mind, even at the expense of her fans. While many were happy to hear her perspective, she was outspoken about her experience with The First Wife, especially her experience in a pluralistic family. She’s never shied away from talking harshly about her own experiences, like her struggles growing up with Meri, but she may be wearing rose-colored glasses when it comes to how she sees Kody and Robyn.

Sister Wives Fans Call Out Mykelti Brown

Reddit user u/Party_Philosopher_20 explained how they felt about Mykelti scolding Christine instead of Kody for similar behavior. "She publicly defended two bad guys Although not concerned about the way she threw her mom under the bus,” they said. Mykelti’s experiences are all her own and generally very different from others. After speaking ill of Meri’s behavior in her youth, Mykelti continues Supporting Kody and Robyn's somewhat odd behavior regarding COVID-19 protocols while badmouthing Christine. As another Redditor explained, "It's akin to 'weekend parent' love. They are not there for discipline and everyday [sic] things, so they are the "better" parents in the eyes of their children. Another said, "Mykelti is used to being the black sheep and now she is becoming the golden girl."

Mykelti Brown Is Honest About Her Experiences

While her views are valid, Mykelti judges one of her parents more harshly than the other in the public eye, so it's not surprising to see her receive public backlash. Mykelti blatantly ignores Kody It is confusing to support his current behavior with his past. Although it is difficult to understand, Mykelti talking about Meri's abuse is telling about her own experience with her father, not public perception. Sister Wives only makes fans feel good about Kody have some understanding of behavior, and they are real, they don't necessarily line up with Mykelti's experience. It’s refreshing that she’s honest about her feelings, rather than being blindly supportive or critical just to appease fans, even if some find it underwhelming or hard to swallow.

While the next season of The Good Wife and Sisters is still undecided, the Browns are speaking out to keep fans entertained and engaged. While Mykelti can choose to support the family she loves, fans still have an opinion and are sure to share theirs. It is hoped that Mykelti, who has come under fire for breastfeeding, can win over those who see her as difficult and unremarkable in the future.

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