Why LPBW Fans Criticized Audrey Roloff's Valentine's Day Post

Followers of Little People, Big World couldn't resist picking up Audrey Roloff's Jesus-themed Valentine's Day cards for her kids.

Audrey Roloff has once again been slammed by Big World fans for a post she made on social media, this time about her choice of Valentine's Day cards. As a mother of three, it has been her lifelong ambition to keep her followers informed about their daily activities. However, most TLC fans think she spends too much time on social media.

Jeremy Roloff's wife was not a fan favorite from day one. When the couple went on their first blind date, Audrey popped up on the radar of the small, big world audience. LPBW's Jeremy and Audrey share the same moral values ​​and are very conservative. Not long after they started dating, the couple found themselves engaged and married. But in 2018, Jeremy and Audrey decided to step back from the family show in order to focus on growing their family.

Audrey Misses The Mark

Unlike Cupid, Audrey made a mistake this year when picking out her kids' Valentine's Day cards from Be A Heart Design. The little person, big world star shared her evening on her Instagram Story, where she and Ember sit at the kitchen table and hand out cards to classmates. although It's a good idea, and fans noticed that each love letter has a religious message. One card features the famous rose poem that ends with "Jesus, I love you too."

LPBW Fans Are "Screaming"

Little People, Big World viewers share their "screaming" over Jesus Valentine's Day letters with u/aspecinthewind on Reddit. Some thread participants called Audrey "fanatic" about her religion, noting that God wouldn't be angry if she just wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day without religious motives. The artist who designed the card is Catholic and shared her artwork of the adoration of the saint and Mary, leaving fans unsurprised that Audrey liked the piece. In the end, most fans felt that Audrey was once again "unbearable."

Audrey haters have had their hands full this week as they blast the mother-of-three for not contacting Zakrolov after emergency surgery. Jeremy's twin posted that the shunt had to be replaced, but neither his brother nor Audrey posted online. Audrey is often attacked for her exaggerated posts, but this one is important. Little People, Big World viewers hope she lets her Kids will pick their own cards as they might pick Paw Patrol or Barbie.

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