Why GLOW Was Canceled After Three Seasons

While GLOW was a hit series on Netflix with memorable characters and a critically acclaimed cast, it was canceled after only three seasons for some reason.

1980s comedy "The Shining" tells the story of a riveting female wrestler, but Netflix canceled the hit series ahead of season 4. The show follows former friends Debbie Egan (Betty Gilpin) and Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) as they join "Wrestling Belle" as Debbie's husband Mark (Rich Summer) Infidelity to Ruth, wrestling - which does exist - and coming to terms with their dramatic past. The characters find strength and confidence when interacting with their manager, Sam Sylvia (Mark Maron).

GLOW's cancellation was unexpected, as Netflix had renewed the show for a fourth season in August 2019, then changed its mind in October 2020. Netflix's policy of not canceling successful shows explains why some content fails to attract enough viewers for enough time to warrant a renewal, but GLOW ended for a different reason. The fact that there aren't more episodes is especially tough given the season 3 finale's dramatic cliffhangers and unanswered questions.

Netflix Canceled GLOW Due To COVID-19

Netflix says the COVID-19 pandemic is the reason GLOW season 4 isn't moving forward, with the streaming service canceling other shows at the same time due to the impact of the virus on GLOW entertainment industry. For the same reason, Netflix also decided not to produce any more episodes of Messiah and I'm Not Satisfied with It, while The Society was canceled after just one season.

Since the heart of GLOW is Debbie and Ruth's friendship, and Sam and Ruth's difficult relationship with each other provides entertainment, it can be argued that the series could have continued for several more seasons. That premise brought enough conflict for countless episodes, as the characters always wanted their wrestling matches to prove interesting enough when they aired on television.

What Was The Plan For Season 4?

Since GLOW season 3 ended with a cliffhanger, Debbie asked Ruth to direct a new version of the wrestling team, which Debbie will control along with Bash Howard (Chris Lowell). Ruth refused and got on the plane. While GLOW season 3 has fewer wrestling scenes, its focus on characters living in Las Vegas is a noticeable change and ensures the series remains compelling.

Gilpin shares her thoughts on season 4 of GLOW: "My idea is we do it in 20 years, we have a 'Mare of Easttown' type of season 4, or 'Golden' Girly... Debbie continued on a potentially detrimental career path, focused on it, and suddenly woke up realizing her personal life wasn't what she wanted it to be. Can you have it all? Probably not" (via IndieWire). Adding a fan-favorite character at the crossroads of their lives would be a smart way to continue the series, and it would provide the necessary tension.

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