Why Alissa Humber May Have Been Fired From Below Deck (Spoiler)

Alissa Humber may have been fired from the Bravo series after it was revealed that Camille Lamb wasn't entirely responsible for the Below Deck episode.

Alissa Humber is more Camille Lamb than she thinks, and getting fired from Below Deck might be another thing they have in common. Alissa acts like Camille is the problem, and it's hard to believe Ben Willoughby when he claims that's not the case. However, with Camille gone, a new side of Alissa emerges, proving that she has flaws of her own. In addition to flirting with Ross McHarg and stoking his affair with Katie Glaser, her disrespectful attitude towards the crew and Captain Sandy Yawn wreaks havoc on board.

Alissa has repeatedly accused Below Deck stew Camille of being disrespectful and not having a strong work ethic, but Alissa has shown these same traits in recent episodes. Even Hayley De Sola Pinto wonders if Alissa has been the problem for Camille, maybe Captain Sandy fired the wrong crew. Ben also accused Alissa of inciting Camille and taking advantage of her position as number two. At the end of the latest episode of "Below Decks," Captain Sandy has had enough, and it looks like she might be ending Alissa's time on board.

Below Deck's Captain Sandy Called Alissa Into The Wheelhouse

The first clue that Alissa might be leaving the Below Deck is when Captain Sandy calls her to the wheelhouse, which is where she called Camille before telling her she was fired. Sandy also asked Ross to stay and testify. However, when Sandy fired Camille, she had no witnesses. It's possible that she thought it would be harder to fire Alissa than Camille, so she wanted Bosun from the yacht to be there in case Alissa started being rude again. Twitter user @ilovebeer1111 wrote, "I don't know... Capt. Sandy asking Ross as a witness who could be fired next week seems suspicious but she didn't fire Camille's 'witness'. Will she go?" Yes Did Alissa do anything worse than fire her?

Below Deck Fans Found Proof Alissa Gets Fired

Fans of Below Deck believe they have found evidence of Alissa's firing based on Instagram user Leigh-Ann, who was followed by the crew. Reddit user teanailpolish tweeted about the Instagram user and predicted she will replace Alissa in series. The fan also predicted that Taylor Walker would join the show as an understudy, which was correct since Taylor appeared after Camille fired. Fans may find out, as a trailer for the second half of the season reveals a new stew that looks uncannily similar to Leigh-Ann. At the time, it seemed like she might replace Camille, but since learning that Tyler replaced Camille, she's likely to replace Alissa.

Below Deck fans won't know exactly what's going to happen to Alissa until the new episode, but judging by the ending of the most recent episode and the information provided by fans, it appears that Alissa's time on board has come. The second stew should have respected Captain Sandy more when she was on board, and should have been kinder to her crew instead of making too many enemies. Whatever happens between Sandy and Alyssa in the upcoming episodes, it's not going to be good. Alissa might not handle her firing well, but Camille will be happy to hear that Alissa gets fired too.

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Below Deck airs Mondays at 8pm. EDT Bravo.

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