Why 3 Winchester Characters Must Die Before Supernatural

The Winchesters introduce several new characters into the Supernatural universe. But, unfortunately, many of them will have to die.

The Winchesters introduce three new characters, but they must die before the supernatural story begins. In Episode 1, Latika Desai (Nida Khurshid), Carlos Cervantez (Jojo Fleites) and Milie Winchester (Bianca Kajlich) are brought into the supernatural world. Fans quickly fell in love with them. Nida and JoJo are both new faces, while Bianca is known for her work in the early 2000s, including Halloween: Resurrection and Bring It On. She was also at Dawson's Creek at the same time as Jensen Ackles. Most recently, she was at Legacy. So, she's no stranger to the genre or teen drama.

The introduction of Lata and Carlos also solves a paranormal diversity problem. The original show focused on Sam and Dean Winchester, but when it introduced new characters, they were predominantly male, white, and straight. It also has a lot of missteps with the female characters. Jo and Ellen appeared in Supernatural season 2, but were killed off in season 5. Fans were even more devastated when Felicia Day's character Charlie was killed in Supernatural season 10.

Supernatural Canon Only Works If Carlos & Lata Are Killed

While fans love Carlo and Lata, it doesn't make sense that they survived The Winchesters. If these two friends were still around, John Winchester would have mentioned them. He might go hunting with them. Despite their close relationship, they at least deserve a mention in John's diary. That's why Carlos and Lata's fate in "The Winchesters" is likely to be death.

Considering how many Hunters die in Supernatural, it's realistic that they die before the Supernatural story begins. They are also likely to die on the job. Assuming "The Winchesters" lasts longer than the first season, these deaths shouldn't come before the end of the series, since they're such an integral part of the story.

Millie's Death Would Solve A Supernatural Mystery

Millie Winchester may be John's mother, but she is rarely mentioned in Supernatural. Sam and Dean meet their Campbell grandparents when they travel back in time in Season 4 Episode 3, "In The Beginning." A young Henry Winchester travels into the future in Season 8, Episode 12, "As Time Goes On". But Millie didn't show up. It makes the most sense that she is still alive. A tragic death would explain why no one talks about her.

Millie's introduction means all Winchester Brothers Grandparents were in the paranormal business. In Supernatural, the family business is ingrained in Sam and Dean. The original show made it feel like it was the boys growing up in their lives, but now it's clear it's in their blood. Most of the older family members died tragically. So Millie's death will continue that trend as well.

Are John & Mary Safe In The Winchesters?

If the Winchester universe is the same as Sam and Dean's in Supernatural, Mary Campbell and John Winchester must survive until their death in the original series. That doesn't mean they can't die at the Winchesters, though. Sam and Dean died and came back to life many times in Supernatural. Cupid in "My Bloody Valentine" says that the union of Mary and John is a priority so that Sam and Dean can be born. So they have to survive the series for Supernatural to happen.

Azazel kills John in the Apocalypse world, and Mary never makes the deal. This means that Sam and Dean were never born. Given that Mary makes John promise that they won't bring each other back, this Mary is similar to Apocalypse World Mary. john never keeps Promise in the supernatural world, Dean's trait in the supernatural world. But of course, as the Arrowverse has shown, there could be many different universes, and John and Mary could be from different universes. If the Winchesters were in a different universe, all bets would be off.

Showrunner Robbie Thompson has stated that episode 13 of The Winchesters will reveal the prequel's connection to the original series. Keeping it in the Supernatural universe would make it more restrictive to ensure the canon isn't spoiled. On the other hand, it might be too tragic to turn it into an apocalypse world, since Sam and Dean would never exist. Nor will it be linked to Dean Winchester's letter to John. So it could very well be in the same universe as the original Sam and Dean, or in a new world entirely.

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