Why 1,000 Pound Sisters Fans Are Tired Of Amy's Overblown Attitude

The 1,000-pound sisters felt Amy Slaton's reaction in the show's latest episode was overblown. They want the reality star to tone it down.

Fans of the 1,000 Pound Sisters have criticized Tammy Slayton for her poor attitude for years, but have recently turned to Amy Slayton's state of mind. Throughout the series, Amy succeeds in her physical health and personal life, and soon qualifies for weight-loss surgery. She eventually underwent gastric bypass surgery and welcomed two sons. While Amy has a lot to be thankful for over the past few years, fans have taken issue with her theatrical approach and her tendency to complain.

While Amy has been taking her health more seriously, her pregnancy has complicated her weight loss journey. After giving birth to her first son, Gage, Amy was advised not to get pregnant until her weight was down to a healthier level. 1,000-pound sister Amy Slayton defied doctors and became pregnant again, giving birth to her second son, Glenn, in July 2022. Childbirth is not without its problems, and recent episodes have documented the aftermath of the 1,000-pound sisters, with Amy's overly theatrical attitude irritating fans.

What Have Fans Been Saying About Amy Slaton’s Attitude

Amy, who just gave birth on the latest episode of 1,000 Pound Sisters, is thrilled to learn her husband Michael has given birth Diagnosed with Covid-19, she needs to isolate from him and care for their two sons alone. While Amy was understandably concerned, her reaction was extreme and angered fans of the 1,000-pound sisters who thought she was being too dramatic. Reddit's AutoModerator, put it best when they explained, "It's hard for me to empathize with Amy."

Another user on the same thread explained, "Be aware that every time someone calls out (rightfully) that she is How unprepared, she started the whole... "Bad Moms" speech for instant reassurance." That Redditor had more to say. They added, "She never admitted that she screwed up [or] that she needed to hurry up."

Is Amy Slaton Bringing Too Much Drama To 1000-lb Sisters

Amy's reaction to her husband's diagnosis of Covid-19 was a bit extreme, but considering she's on postpartum hormones, it probably made her emotional. She seemed tired after taking care of her two sons by herself, which is normal in that situation. While Amy is a mom of two, she does tend to overreact, sometimes to the extreme, but she finds herself responding when she may have to spend weeks Caring for her newborn without the help of her husband seems understandable, but it's still a bit much. While she should adjust her attitude when it comes to health and minor inconveniences, it's understandable that Amy finds parenting difficult.

As fans of the 1,000 Pound Sisters continue to watch the latest season, they are sure to have more to say about Amy. From her quick and emotional responses to her casual family secrets, Amy has shared a lot with fans this season. Hopefully, against all odds, the sometimes controversial Amy will find more self-awareness.

Source: AutoModerator/Reddit

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