Where to Watch Every Season of Harley Quinn

How about something super fun? Watch every season of Harley Quinn, the animated dark comedy series that takes the superhero world by storm.

DC Comics fans can't get enough of Harley Quinn, the animated dark comedy-drama that took the superhero world by storm. Based on beloved DC Comics character Harley Quinn, the show premiered in the DC Universe in 2019 and has been critically acclaimed since then.

Season 4 is expected to air this year, and fans have been re-watching previous seasons in anticipation of the next installment. Whether you're new to the superhero blockbuster or already consider yourself a die-hard fan, we've got all the details on where to watch Harley Quinn: All seasons are now available on Amazon Prime Video at Watch it on HBO Max.

Watch Harley Quinn on Amazon Prime Video

The Quest for the Legion of the Doom

The series follows Harley Quinn's many adventures with her best friend, Poison Ivy. After recently breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, the Joker, Harry embarked on a single life and tried to navigate the many ups and downs that came with it. Her journey of self-discovery inspires large audiences, while her humorous misadventures lend a light-hearted tone to the show.

DC Comics Fan Meeting Love seeing many of their favorite characters on the show. With the help of this mob, Harley Quinn works her way up to join the coveted Legion of Doom. Before she can join the famed supervillain organization, though, she has to prove herself as a worthy candidate.

The voice actors in this series really do an incredible job bringing each animated character to life. Viewers agreed that Kaley Cuoco, who plays Harley Quinn, embodies the character by embodying Harley's voice and personality. Other notable names in the Joker cast include Lake Bell, Barbara Keen, Tony Hale, Jason Alexander, and Alan Tudyk.

Criticism of Harley Quinn has been mostly positive. The show consistently ranks among the top 30 comic book TV series across all streaming services. Viewers and critics alike pointed to the show's strong voice acting, strong characters, and humorous, insightful plot as its strengths. That acclaim has helped fuel anticipation for Season 4, which is set to premiere this year on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.

Where to Watch Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has had three seasons to date. Pilot 'Till Death Do Us Part' premieres November 29, 2019. Seasons 1 and 2 consisted of 13 episodes, while season 3 consisted of 10 episodes. There will also be a Valentine's Day special on February 9, 2023 called "The Problematic Valentine's Day Special". ^As Season 4 approaches, you need to brush up on your Harley Quinn knowledge before the big season premiere. Luckily, you can catch this hit animated series anytime on HBO Max via Amazon Prime Video. Before you know it, you'll be a fan of the adorable Harley Quinn.

Watch Harley Quinn on Amazon Prime Video

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