What is conceptual artificial intelligence? The latest hot writing assistant, explained

After ChatGPT and Bing brought conversational AI to the masses, Notion's AI client is writing and editing content for its users.

Conversational chatbots and new AI-powered writing tools are changing the way people create content, and Notion AI is the latest service to roll out. OpenAI brings AI language models to the masses with ChatGPT, a conversational chatbot that uses source material to generate answers to user queries. Following the success of the software, OpenAI launched a ChatGPT+ subscription service, which costs $20 per month for unlimited access to the chatbot. Now that artificial intelligence language models are going mainstream, most tech companies are trying to break into this market, and Notion is the latest entrant.

Notion first announced its AI-based writing assistant in November 2022, and it launched on February 22 with full access — there are no waitlists or limited access restrictions for Notion AI. Notion's AI writing assistant is capable of generating content, editing spelling and grammar, creating thought lists, and summarizing what's on the current page. It's available on the web, as a desktop app on Windows and Mac, and as a mobile app on iOS and Android. As such, it is one of the most accessible AI tools out there.

How To Use Notion AI & Its Controversy

Notion looks and feels like any word processor around - until you Press the space bar. After starting a new line of text, press the space bar to activate the company's AI writing assistant. With the writing assistant window open, users can write in the text field and have Notion write what they choose. Otherwise, there's a list of things the writing assistant can do with already written text.

Notion's writing assistant is very powerful. In Screen Rant's test, it can clearly write concise articles on trending topics. When asked to write about a topic that appeared on Screen Rant — a review of Apple's second-generation HomePod — Notion's writing assistant produced a copy that you might mistake for human-written prose. This is exactly the problem, and why AI-based language models are so controversial.

Language models use information they can find through training materials or the internet, which means it has the same flaws and biases as people. Plus, AI doesn't know when something is wrong—chatbots and writing generators often respond to requests with outdated, inaccurate, or harmful responses. If the AI ​​doesn't know the answer to a question, it will give what it thinks it has Be as confident as any other reply.

But in addition to generating "original" content, Notion AI can also correct and assist people's writing. Think grammar on steroids. It can summarize a long block of words in seconds, give suggestions on how to improve writing, or help people get some ideas. In these cases, AI is helping humans — not replacing them.

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