What Ana de Armas' Blonde Movie Is Based On (Not a Biopic)

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe, but Blonde will have some creative twists because this isn't a biography. That's what this movie is based on.

Ana De Armas' Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde is a critically acclaimed but controversial Netflix film. Although it's about the late Marilyn Monroe, it's actually not a biopic at all. Written and directed by Andrew Dominik, "Blonde" is the latest in a string of films about the famous actress. Blonde's NC-17 rating is causing a stir online, especially after it aired on Netflix. Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jeanne Mortensen, rose to fame in the 1950s. Although she died in 1962, there are still several films about her life. Blonde stands out by showing the darker moments in Marilyn's life.

Blonde is not a traditional biopic; the film is based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, a fictionalized life of the late actress. Originally released in 2000, this novel chronicles Marilyn Monroe's life from her perspective. Monroe never wrote an autobiography, so the actress's words and thoughts in Oates' novel don't technically correspond to the truth. The book itself retains certain names and uses only initials. In Blonde, Dominic had a specific goal of how he wanted the world to see Marilyn Monroe in this story. Blonde ends up being a divisive movie that shows danger Celebrities, and the weird voyeuristic nature of people who enjoy watching biopics of these tragic celebrities.

Why Blonde's Story Is Controversial

Ana De Armas's Marilyn Monroe biopic has received a lot of attention since its release. "Blonde" is controversial mostly because of its NC-17 rating, which is certainly a surprise for a Netflix film. There have also been criticisms that the film's rating - by its graphic nature and the way it tells its story - would further exploit Monroe's life and career, which was often the case when she was alive. For example, Oates' book depicts Monroe's first film audition, albeit fictionally, depicting sexual violence. There was concern that Blonde would lean heavily on the darkness of Monroe's life, possibly exploiting her trauma at the expense of exploring her humanity.

However, that's the point of the film. This is not a movie about Marilyn Monroe as a sex symbol or movie star. This is not a movie about the highs in her life, of which there are many. Blonde is about the dangers of becoming famous and the torment and pain Marilyn Monroe went through to keep it. The fact that blondes are not A traditional biopic that allows Dominique to change or portray Marilyn Monroe's life in her own unique way makes Blonde more interesting than the average biopic, no matter what controversies the film throws up.

Blonde Received Limited Oscar Awards Recognition

While the Ana de Armas Marilyn Monroe biopic received high marks from director Andrew Dominique (the coward Robert Ford assassinated Jesse James) hopefuls, Blonde didn't Received rave reviews from many. The main reason the Oscars and Golden Globes shunned the film was the script, which didn't really tell the story of Marilyn Monroe's life, only touching on the possible causes of her death. This is not a happy movie about Marilyn, but one that really reveals why tragic stories are so popular.

The film was even nominated for a number of Razzies at the Razzies, with the screenplay being one of the honors there. However, Ana De Armas shines as Marilyn Monroe in the biopic. Armas herself was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Actress. Although she lost to Cate Blanchett At the Golden Globes, the fact that she was nominated first says a lot about her performance in Blonde.

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