Welcome to Plathville's Olivia and Ethan share couple goals video

Welcome to Plathville star Olivia Plath shared a sweet video of herself dancing in the snow with her husband Ethan Plath on her Instagram.

Welcome to Plathville's Olivia Plath shows off her relationship with Ethan Plath in a sweet Instagram video. This Romeo-y-Juliet-esque couple overcame difficulties in their relationship, as Ethan's parents weren't fans of Olivia at all, preferring to see their son with someone who shared his values. Ethan grew up in a conservative family with little knowledge of the world around him, and Olivia grew up conservative too, but she broadens her horizons and helps Ethan evolve. Despite some issues in their marriage, Olivia and Ethan continue to work hard to maintain their relationship, building on their love for each other every day.

Welcome to Plathville's Olivia is proud of what she and Ethan have accomplished and showcased their relationship in a recent Instagram post. In Olivia's video, she and her husband dance to Sia's "snowman" in the snow.

Olivia captioned the video with three snowman emojis and a range of hashtags, including #couplegoals and #marriedlife. Welcome To Plathville fans applauded their relationship in the comments, with one fan writing: "Glad to witness your peace. Finally," referring to how Ethan's family tried to tear them apart, but they were able to Leave the Plath family and live the life they want.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Are Happy For Olivia and Ethan

In one segment of the video, Ethan walks through the snow with Olivia on his back, and Olivia captures the video in selfie mode. Welcome to Plathville, and fans expressed excitement that the couple is so happy in Minnesota. The couple moved from Florida to the Minneapolis area in December, putting them even further away from Ethan's family. While Olivia was once on good terms with Ethan's mom, Kim Plath, she said she quickly realized she was being used and that Kim began attacking her when she didn't get her way.

It is clear that despite Ethan's family's disapproval of Olivia, she and Ethan are happier than ever. They've overcome a lot of odds, which shows just how unbreakable their bond is. Even though Minnesota is much colder than Florida, Ethan and Olivia are embracing the cold weather, and it doesn't look like they're moving back to Florida anytime soon. As Olivia hints with her hashtag, she and Ethan are couple goals not only because their videos are cute but because they didn't let Ethan's fussy family ruin their love story.

Welcome To Plathville fans love Olivia and Ethan's video proving their side in feud with Ethan's parents. Unfortunately, he can't be close to his family, but it's important to set healthy boundaries, and if his family can't accept his happy relationship with Olivia, then it's best for Ethan to keep his distance from them. Hope things continue to go well for the couple who keep letting Welcome To Plathville fans into their lives with their adorable videos.

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