Warner Bros. Just Destroyed The Ring Of Power

With Warner Bros. working on a new Lord of the Rings movie in the near future, the news could ruin the future of the Ring of Thrones.

The Ring of Power may have just been destroyed by Warner Bros. The Ring of Power is set in Middle-earth, not at the same time as Lord of the Rings. The Ring of Power focuses on a little-known period in Middle-earth history, with Tolkien exploring the Silmarillion, the blueprint for the timeline of The Ring of Power. The latter is set a millennium or so before the events recounted in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In fact, The Ring of Power is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, while The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are set entirely in the Third Age.

Warner Bros. seems to want to capitalize on the success and fame of the Lord of the Rings franchise again, even if it may affect the future and success of Amazon's Ring of Power. The studio announced its intention to make more Lord of the Rings films. In fact, not only is Warner Bros. planning to make a new Lord of the Rings movie, but it also appears to be in a similar time frame to the much-loved Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. That could be bad news for Rings of Power.

New LOTR Movies Are A Huge Blow To Rings Of Power

Warner Bros. and New Line are reportedly producing new films related to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, building on the success and love of Tolkien's legend. As such, they are likely to be set in a similar time frame, going back to the Third Age. If Warner Bros. wanted to emulate the success of The Lord of the Rings, and then The Hobbit series, it would make sense to set another Lord of the Rings movie around the same time period.

Unfortunately, the new movie may compete directly with Ring of Power. Overall, The Ring of Thrones was well-received by critics but less popular with general audiences. There are several reasons for this, but one is simply that audiences don't -- and likely won't -- care about the Lord of the Rings TV show's characters in the Ring of Thrones movie as much as they do God's character. If the new movie brings back familiar characters, it's sure to draw more attention away from The Ring of Thrones.

What The New Lord Of The Rings Movies Can Be About

Given how Lord of the Rings ended, audiences can't be sure what to focus on in the next Lord of the Rings timeline-focused film. A possible Lord of the Rings sequel never actually happened, as Tolkien himself gave up on creating another story set in the Third Age. So far, no further information has been released about the plot of the future Lord of the Rings project, but it is safe to assume that it will most likely not be based on any of Tolkien's other works, such as The Silmarillion, The Ring of Power. source of inspiration.

An interesting possibility is of course to focus on certain characters. Given the richness of characters and stories in both the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books, it's entirely possible that the new Lord of the Rings movie will focus on one of these characters. While this may require a well-loved and well-known character like Aragorn or Legolas, a new Lord of the Rings film may choose to focus on lesser-known supporting characters, or even book characters who didn't appear in the original film. Either way, it Created quite a bit of competition for The Ring of Thrones and excitement for its second season.

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