Venture Bros. Movie Image First Shows Bullock's Return

The venture bros.'s first cinematic image shows for the first time Brock's return in the movie, which will serve as the Adult Swim show's finale.

Nearly five years after the show originally ended, the first The Venture Bros. movie images have arrived, revealing Bullock's return. Inspired by '60s Saturday morning cartoons like Jonny Quest, and created by Jackson Publick and co-written with Doc Hammer, the Adult Swim series centers on a family of adventurers of the same name as they venture across the globe and fight various threats, Including the quirky super villain Monarch. After a critically acclaimed seven seasons, The Adventures of The Brothers was canceled by Adult Swim, but was quickly confirmed to continue making films.

Jackson Publick debuted The Venture Bros. movie on Twitter just after his latest update on the project.

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This photo, released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the show's pilot run, reveals Brock's return to the screen for a spy mission in the field. The Venture Bros. movie image also compares Brock's appearance in the original pilot of the beloved Adult Swim franchise with the upcoming film.

Everything We Know About The Venture Bros. Movie

Venture Bros.'s first movie image will certainly help build anticipation for Brock's return, but it also provides a fun tease for longtime fans With the return of the Office of Secret Intelligence, the show. Better known as O.S.I., Brock worked for the secretive U.S. government before becoming a bodyguard for the Ventures, helping them monitor supervillain activity, including the Calamitous Intent Guild. Inspired by G.I. Joe and Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D., the O.S.I is memorably briefly disbanded when disillusioned members of the agency repurpose the former terrorist organization S.P.H.I.N.X. Become an independent espionage organization.

Around The Venture Bros. In the end, the O.S.I. will be re-drafted with previous agents, including Patrick Warburton's Brock, so seeing former Monarch henchman Gary in charge, it's finally reverting to its supervillain ways. Given that Brock was last seen still working for the O.S.I., it probably wouldn't be a surprise to see him on a mission with them, though the nature of that is unclear. With the series finale seeing the family hunt for Hank who ran away after waking from a coma, Brock may be using his agency resources to save the young Venture.

Not much is known about The Venture Bros. movie's plot, but it is expected to serve as Adult Swim's finale series. In addition to the return of Ventures and Brock, Doc Hammer also confirmed in late 2021 that beloved O.S.I. character Shoreleave will also be returning to the film. With the cut seemingly nearing completion, an update to the Venture Brothers movie should be released in the near future.

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