The Queen's Shark Tooth Explained (and What It Really Means)

The Queen follows the powerful women of the Argoja warriors, and the shark-tooth scene in it brings a major emotional centerpiece to an action movie.

Queen Queen is primarily focused on the intense action of combat, but the real meaning behind its shark teeth helps develop the emotional center in an important way. The Queen, starring Viola Davis and Thuso Mbedu, tells the story of the Agojie, an all-female army of warriors protecting the African kingdom of Dahomey. Although she came to Dahomey at her father's suggestion, Nawi quickly proved herself to be a skilled and invaluable fighter for Agojie.

Nawi has a birthmark on her left shoulder, which she displayed while receiving treatment for other wounds in Viola Davis' Nanisca. Although Navi couldn't see anything special about this mark, it was of great significance to Naniska. Nawi's birthmark and Nanisca's subsequent baring of shark teeth lead to one of the most important scenes in Oscar's snubbed Queen Queen, as the two fighters discover they have more in common than anyone imagined.

The Shark Tooth Was A Way To Secretly Prove Nawi Was Nanisca's Daughter

Despite being cold towards Navi throughout The Queen, Naniska reveals that she is tough on Navi because he is her illegitimate daughter, and she has a way of proving this. According to Nanisca, she was Captivity, resulting in an unwanted pregnancy. After complications in the labor, Naniska was left alone with her newborn daughter while Amenza went to get her medicine, which she decided to somehow mark as her daughter because she knew she was going to have to give up she. Nanisca placed a shark tooth in the incision she made on the baby's arm, leaving the baby as her proof.

While Nawi, played by The Woman King actor Thuso Mbedu, initially expressed sympathy for Nanisca's experience, she also confirmed that she was not the lost daughter, believing that Nanisca had projected her past onto her. However, Nanisca was able to justify her belief that Nawi was her daughter by cutting into Nawi's birthmark, which is really a scar. Inside, Navi finds a shark tooth, proving she is Naniska's long-lost daughter after all.

How The Woman King's Shark Tooth Explained Nanisca's Flashback

In Queen, Naniska flashes back to the trauma of her lost daughter's birth. Nanisca was left alone with her young daughter after Amenza left to get her medication. Seeing the knife Amensa dropped on the floor, Naniska grabbed it and held it up to the baby. this is OK Considered an ominous image, the flashbacks of the Argoja warriors are seen in a new light after the Queen reveals the true story of Shark Tooth.

Nanisca did not swing the knife at the baby Nawi out of malice, but did so to link herself to the Nawi, whom Nanisca believed she would never see again at that moment of the queen. With Nanisca revealing that she put a shark tooth on Nawi's arm, the flashbacks are now less about violence or fear and more about fleeting acts of love between mother and child. Thanks to Nanisca's shark teeth, her flashback scenes and her revealing of Nawi are touching moments in the action-packed queen.

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