The My Hero Academia Anime Just Revamped the Series' Most Tragic Villain

The My Hero Academia anime showcased Madam Nagant's debut, and her fight with Deku looked more impressive than in the manga.

Warning: SPOILERS for My Hero Academia's Season 6 episode #133

Episode 133 of the My Hero Academia anime saw the debut of Madam Nagant, a fan-favorite hero-turned-villain with a tragic backstory. Madam Nagant's fight with Deku is a highlight of the comics, and it looks like the anime will make it even more incredible.

In the My Hero Academia anime, Midoriya Izuku (Deku) becomes a lone vigilante to elicit All For One and Shigaraki while keeping his friend U.A. away from the villains' high security. Deku's plan (with All Might, Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist) seems to come to fruition in episode 133 "Hired Guns" when he is ambushed by former professional hero Madam Nagant, one of the escaped Tarta Prisoner at Ruth Prison. Madam Nagant's quirk, the rifle, makes her a terrific sniper as she attempts to defeat Deku in a deadly long-range combat.

Lady Nagant Is Even More Impressive In The Anime

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Kaina Tsutsumi was once a bright young lady with dreams of becoming a great professional hero. Seeing the potential in her abilities, the Hero Safety Committee recruits Kena and promises to make her a great hero. However, the committee actually uses Kayna goes on top-secret missions, like secretly killing villains and corrupt heroes planning acts of terrorism. At first, Kyna carried out her orders with ruthless efficiency, but Madame Nagant soon became disillusioned with hero society and eventually killed her when her superiors threatened her. After the Tartarus breakout, All For One recruited Ms. Nagant to hunt down Deku, who also "gifted" her a second Quirk, the Air Walk.

The battle between Deku and Lady Nagant is quite unique in the series. Assassin is a ranged fighter, her ability allows her to shoot Green Valley from a kilometer away. This forces Deku to use his recently awakened One For All's new powers to close the distance without getting hit by Nagant's deadly bullet. The fight scene is also perfect, as it takes place on a rainy night, between tall buildings in a nearly deserted city. This unique dark atmosphere and gritty tone of combat is perfectly delivered in the animation, and Studio BONES once again delivers a product of the highest quality.

Despite her dark past and public hatred of heroes, Lady Nagant is still It's actually a complex and multi-layered character that, combined with her unique quirks, has made her a hugely popular character among fans. Her debut in the anime was one of the most anticipated moments in the Dark Heroes arc right now, and it certainly didn't disappoint. Fans of My Hero Academia can look forward to an upcoming animated episode featuring a harrowing battle between Deku and Madam Nagant.

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