The Mandalorian Star Pedro Pascal Reveals He's Blind in Armor

The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal has admitted that there is a big problem with the armor and helmet he wears in his character - he can't see anything!

The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal has revealed that he is functionally blind when he wears the helmet. Most modern movies and TV shows use their stars as a major marketing point. This is one of the main reasons why the MCU's Spider-Man keeps taking off his mask; Tom Holland is considered very marketable. That's why the vast majority of movie posters show some floating heads in the hope that viewers will recognize the stars and be drawn to the movie, in part because of who's in it. However, The Mandalorian is different. The Star Wars Disney+ TV show stars Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin, who chooses to take off his helmet as little as possible because of the credo he's sworn to uphold.

The Mandalorian's reliance on the helmet makes all the difference for the show - both behind the scenes and on screen. Pascal addressed this issue directly in a recent interview with Empire Magazine, noting that masks pose special challenges.

"When [the armor and helmet is] on, you immediately feel powerful, protected, dangerous, and like a protector... It's like putting on a head-to-toe glove with weights on it. It's ironic that you can't see any facial expression because it puts you in the world so completely, and instantly makes the character feel real - but you can't see s***! They've continued to finesse and make it more comfortable, but it's like going blind. Your breath completely fogs up the narrow slit that you can see through. There's no peripheral vision. If there's a hole, I'm gonna fall into it."

This is an interesting comment about the challenges of filming in such a costume.

Din Djarin's Character Is Greater Because Of His Helmet

The success of The Mandalorian is a testament to Pascal's great skill as an actor. Most actors are able to express emotions through facial expressions, but Pascal was forced to rely on subtle His gestures and head tilt as his face is completely uncovered. Admittedly, it helps that Din Djarin is essentially a stoic character. However, there's no question that he's matured over the course of The Mandalorian seasons 1 and 2, and audiences develop a strong emotional connection with the character, even though they rarely see his face.

Interestingly, some marketing for The Mandalorian season 3 shows Din unmasked, perhaps hinting that things are about to change. Din Djarin is a member of the Mandalorian sect, which considers it a sin for Mandalorians to take off their helmets in front of others, but not all Mandalorians share this teaching. Din's journey to redemption will take Din to the home world of the Mandalorians, Mandalore, where he will likely encounter other tribes and clans along the way. He will most likely join a different faction, one that doesn't have the same restrictions.

Even if he did, Din Djarin would undoubtedly wear his helmet in any action scene. Every Mandalorian wears custom battle armor, often containing a large amount of beskar - a material that can even resist lightsabers blade. Even after The Mandalorian season 3, no matter what happens, Pedro Pascal and his various stunt doubles will still spend a lot of time in the helmet.

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