The Last of Us looks nothing like an 80s sitcom in an AI-made video

Reimagining The Last of Us as a 1980s sitcom with the help of an image-making AI program, it goes from unbearably tense to downright adorable.

In a new AI-generated video, The Last of Us turns into a cute and wholesome '80s sitcom. HBO's TV quality is arguably better than any other network's, and they certainly have another critically acclaimed vibe with The Last of Us on hand. But given its video game roots and genre storytelling, the prestige show is unlike many others that HBO has put out over the years.

The game's spinoff, The Last of Us, has not only been a hit with critics, it's also been a hit with fan-made content creators, an example of which can be seen in a new video reimagining the superhero. - intense post-apocalyptic drama that's as thoroughly lovable as a 1980s sitcom.

Posted by Dan Taveras Music, this clip uses images generated by the AI ​​program Midjourney to create the opening title scene, set to music by Taveras himself. While there are some post-apocalyptic trappings in the clip, for the most part it just looks like a wholesome show about family — in other words, nothing like The Last of Us.

How The Last Of Us Obliterates The Video Game Curse

Over the years, there have been so few good video game film and TV adaptations that some have started talking about "video game Curse" affects anything inspired by the game world. But, of course, most game adaptations don't have titles specifically designed to adapt to other media, and don't have very rich storylines. The situation is very different with The Last of Us, The game is arguably already basically a movie in video game form, but still packed with enough action to satisfy gamers.

In the case of The Last of Us, a clean and direct narrative line is fully in place so that the final The adaptation of , and has already sketched the performances that could be further brought to life with deeper writing and fully realized characters.The resulting show more or less dispelled the notion of the video game curse, proving that it is possible to make good game adaptations , as long as one has an informed judgment about the game one is attempting to adapt (and has access to HBO-grade resources).

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