The Last of Us Episode 6 Images Tease Nervous Joel and Tommy Moment

Fresh images from Episode 6 of The Last of Us reveal more about Joel and Tommy's emotional reunion, and it looks like it could soon be bittersweet.

New The Last of Us Episode 6 images tease Joel and Tommy's tense reunion. Now halfway through its first season, HBO's video game adaptation has become a proven hit, a major talking point week after week. The next episode of The Last of Us will almost certainly have more to come, and HBO has already revealed one of them. After Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) have been separated for a while, the estranged brothers are finally reunited as Joel and teenage Ellie (Gabriel Luna) are finally reunited. Bella Ramsey's dangerous journey takes him to Wyoming.

Ahead of The Last of Us Episode 6's premiere on Sunday, February 19, HBO released a new batch of images for the series. Check them out below:

In addition to a photo of Joel and Ellie in a snowy landscape, likely just before they reached their Wyoming settlement, our Last of Us imagery also features Joel with his A few shots of the brothers reunited. While their initial greeting was accompanied by smiles and reassuring touches, tension between the siblings appeared to quickly become tense.

What To Expect From Joel & Tommy's Reunion

Despite Joel's desperate search for Tommy throughout the first five episodes of The Last of Us, The brothers didn't stay on a particularly good relationship when they separated. According to Joel, Tommy joined the revolutionary group Firefly some time ago, a decision that strained his relationship with Joel. Plus, the trauma of Tommy and Joel doing more nasty things to survive only drives them apart. Because of this, their reunion in Episode 6 of The Last of Us could soon turn bittersweet.

Joel hopes Tommy's Firefly contact will help him in his mission of transporting Ellie to safety, although based on new images and what was revealed in The Last of Us Episode 6 trailer, this may not be a one-off smooth cooperation. Joel still doesn't trust the Fireflies, and that will be a sore spot as Tommy's relationship with them sparks a rift between the brothers. Beyond that, Tommy is making a living in Wyoming alongside Lutina Wesley's character Maria, who also appears in The Last of Us footage. If Tommy had found some semblance of peace, he might not be so willing to get involved in Joel's mission.

So far, The Last of Us has been In keeping with the video game, only make changes when it helps improve the overall impact of the story. With the game's main plot development remaining the same, it's safe to say The Last of Us TV series will continue alongside its source material. Knowing this, gamers can probably predict what's coming next, although there are some surprises ahead. It's now clear that The Last of Us is gearing up for a family reunion, and it's going to be emotional.

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