The John Wick spinoff will be Ana de Armas' last action movie (for now)

Ana de Armas reveals that the upcoming 'John Wick' spinoff will be her last action role in a while as she pursues more drama part.

Ballerina Ana de Armas has revealed that the upcoming John Wick spin-off movie will end her career as an action hero, at least for now. Ballerina, directed by Len Wiseman, portrays de Armas as an assassin seeking revenge after her family is murdered. The upcoming spin-off is de Armas' latest action flick following his acclaimed supporting roles in "No Time to Die" and "Grey Men."

However, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, de Armas revealed that the ballerina may end her days as an action star for the foreseeable future. The actor also most recently played Marilyn Monroe in director Andrew Dominik's divisive film "Blonde," which earned her an Oscar nomination. Check out de Armas' full review below:

“After Bond, there was kind of a wave of all these action roles, and that was fun. I chose from the ones that I thought were more exciting or with people I wanted to work with. I feel like Ballerina is going to be the end of that, at least for now, because I’m craving a wave of Blonde-type films. I want to do work with directors and do character work. I have had the opportunity to meet directors that I want to work with. The people that I’m getting access to is changing, and that makes me very excited.”

Ana de Armas Shouldn't Abandon Action Movies Entirely

Although de Armas is clearly attracted to more complex character studies and highly dramatic characters, which allow her to work with a wider variety of director-filmmakers, this Actresses are becoming action stars. De Armas showed up for 15 minutes No Time To Die as Paloma, Bond's cheerful but very capable contact in Cuba, she basically steals the film. While Daniel Craig's swan song as Bond garnered mostly positive reviews overall, the Cuban segment in particular was highly praised, and De Armas was a big reason for that.

De Armas also appears in Netflix's The Gray Man, which may not be a great movie, but it further solidifies her ability to capture the body needed for an action-heavy role while balancing a display of charm, vulnerability, and poise. Ballerina's release is still a long way off, and the first trailer for the film hasn't even been released yet, but in fact, Chad Stahelski is involved as producer Among other things, the former stuntman has helmed all four of John Wick's films, a strong indication that this will be a great addition to the franchise.

While it's understandable that de Armas didn't want to focus solely on action characters and wanted to flex more of her dramatic muscles as an actress, she clearly has a knack for portraying action hero-like characters. Also, it would be a shame if Ballerina ended up being a hit at the box office and with audiences If the actor chooses not to return for the sequel. Hopefully de Armas can find a way to balance both types of projects going forward, delivering Oscar-worthy theatrical performances while also having fun in the John Wick universe and beyond.

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