The Hunger Games Finnick cast looks back on breakout role 10 years later

Sam Claflin reflects on his early days as an actor, opening up about his time as Finnick O'Dell in the "Hunger Games" franchise.

The Hunger Games' Finnick O'Dell actor Sam Claflin reflects on his breakthrough role nearly 10 years after his debut. The groundbreaking success of the Hunger Games film adaptation of Susan Collins' best-selling teen dystopian book series of the same name launched not only Claflin's career but also his co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson , Liam Hemsworth and Amandla Skyrocket Sternberg is internationally acclaimed. Claflin made his debut as the brash yet lovable winner of the 65th Hunger Games in the 2013 sequel Catching Fire.

More than a decade after playing Finnick O'Dell in the "Hunger Games" series, Sam Claflin is reflecting on his experience playing the former champion, who went on to become a fan favorite on the hit series . In an interview with Variety, the Daisy Jones & The Six actor explained how the character's cool looks differed from his lack of confidence as a rising performer. Check out what Claflin had to say below:

“I feel a little more confident in myself and comfortable in myself. Especially with a part like Finnick, where he just exudes charisma. At the time, I was shitting myself — the first topless scene I’ve ever done, you know? Oh, my God. Also, I didn’t have an accent coach in ‘Hunger Games,’ and I fucking needed one. I look back and listen to myself like, ‘God, that’s terrible.’”

Why Claflin Was A Controversial Choice to Play Finnick Odair

As Claflin himself admits, when he was announced to play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, many fans of the series were quick to express their disappointment. Despite Claflin's good looks, the initial backlash against him The casting stemmed from those who found the role more conventionally appealing. Even before seeing him in Finnick, the actor was being pressured by those who claimed he wasn't right for the role.

However, Claflin managed to prove the cynics wrong, even having his critics thank him for the overwhelmingly positive reviews his portrayal of Finnick received. The actor has previously stated that he uses negative comments to push himself and prove them wrong. When The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hit theaters in 2013, critics and audiences alike raved about Claflin's performance.

Claflin's ability to add humanity and heart to the egotistical District 4 champion adds depth to the character and enhances his on-screen presence. For this reason, Finnick's death in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 is still considered one of the saddest events in the entire series. After more than a decade in the Hunger Games franchise, Claflin seems to have grown a lot more confident, and now his latest project, Daisy Jones and the Six, will be available on Prime Video on Friday, March 3.

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