The Good Doctor Original Star Returns for Remaining Season 6

Despite initially exiting the show after season 2, Chuku Modu will reprise his role as Dr. Jared Kalu for the remainder of season 6 of The Good Doctor.

Season 6 of The Good Doctor welcomes the return of Chuku Modu's Dr. Jared Kalu for the first time since season 2. Modu was one of the show's first stars when it premiered in 2017, playing a surgical resident (Nicholas Gonzalez) working for chief surgeon Dr. Neil Melendez alongside Dr. Claire Brown (Anthony Thomas) and Shaw. Dr. Eun Murphy (Freddie Highmore). However, Kalu was fired for assaulting an employee who sexually harassed Dr. Brown. Although he was rehired after suing the hospital, Kalou ultimately chose to accept a new job and quit Good Doctor in season 2.

According to TVLine, Modu will reprise his role as Dr. Kalu in Doctor Who season 6. He is set to return in episode 15 of The Good Doctor, "Old Friends," for a total of 7 episodes. Considering that season 6 will have 22 episodes, that means Modu's Kalu will stick around for the rest of the season.

Why Is Dr. Jared Kalu Returning To The Good Doctor?

The reason for Kaluu's return to the Doctor is not stated. However, he's not the first character to return to the series after his initial departure. Thomas' Dr. Brown and Bogarrett's Jessica Preston are Two other major original characters who left the show. Preston left after Season 1 of The Doctor, and Brown left after Season 4. They both seemed to leave the show on good terms. Garrett then guest-starred in the audience in season 4, while Thomas cameoed in two episodes of season 5 of The Good Doctor.

Thus, Modu appears to be following the Good Doctor trend by welcoming back members of its previously departed cast. The only difference is that he gets an extended return. The decision to welcome back the former star is a good strategy for building interest in The Good Doctor. The show has come a long way since season 1 and continues to grow and expand its cast. However, bringing the character back would allow the show to pay homage to the original stars who made it a success in the first place, and emphasize that their stories are still playing out elsewhere in The Good Doctor universe.

Modu's return will certainly be of interest, as Kalu didn't leave St. Bonaventure on very good terms. Season 6 may seek to give a more satisfying ending to his ending Story and Showcase Despite some early missteps, he has found success in his career. The specific time of the return of Shanghai may also be related to the approach of the backdoor pilot of the spin-off "Good Lawyer" of "Good Doctor". Modu will return to the series directly before the backdoor pilot, potentially helping to win him an audience.

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