The Funniest Family Chantel Scenes Ranked

Family Chantel aired some real-life drama. However, the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff also shared some of the pinnacle franchise comedy over the years.

Family Chantel may be a drama show focused on marriage and family relationships, but it has also contained comedy scenes over the past four seasons. The hit 90 Day Fiancé spinoff focuses on the now-ended marriage of Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, and also features Everett The drama of Chantel Everett and the Jimeno family. Over the years, this has resulted in many intentional and unintentional comedic scenes.

Previously, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Such scenes include intense fights on screen, but play out like comedy to the audience. For example, Chantel infamously called her sister-in-law Nicole Jimeno inappropriate names after she misunderstood Nicole's Spanish and thought she was insulted. Then there was the iconic family brawl after Chantel's brothers Riverknight Everett and Pedro threw punches before the whole family and even the producers got involved. However, there were other humorous moments on The Family Chantel as well.

3. Winter Everett & Jah Have Awkward Family Dinner

In a thread started by u/Disney_Princess137, many fans took to Reddit to discuss hilarious and iconic quotes from The Family Chantel. Some fans mentioned a scene in which the younger Daughter Winter Everett dominates her boyfriend, Jah, who calls her mother, Karen Everett, and other family members "bottom-eaters" who eat shrimp, which he calls bottom-feeders. "You eat bottom feeders, you think like bottom feeders," Jah told the family, which led Karen to fight back. "'Who thinks like a bottom feeder? Wait a damn minute,'" one user wrote imitating Karen while sharing their favorite quote from the show. Other fans agreed that Karen's iconic throwback was one of The Family Chantel's most memorable moments.

2. Karen Everett Surprises Pedro Jimeno In The Window

Fans of Chantel and Pedro have undeniably witnessed the darkest season since their marriage dissolved in season 4 of The Family Chantel. However, the finale has a much-needed hilarious moment when Pedro shows up and tries to confront Chantel about their divorce. Instead, his mother-in-law Karen popped up at the window of their home to greet him and reassure him of the "wonderful divorce" he was seeking. Reddit user u/Clipper94 praised Karen's actions at the time, sharing a photo of her jumping from a window, garnering praise from dozens of followers. "Somehow she went from being a bleak character to one of the wittiest, wittiest. If I I spent 6 months planning how to handle Pedro's presence and I couldn't have done it better lol," cheered one commenter. After being perceived as a bossy mother for the first time, she became A fan-favorite actor. Her comedy was at its peak during another memorable encounter with Pedro, where Karen and Thomas Everitt engaged their son-in-law over his alleged infidelity Questioning. Karen infamously arrives with a taser and uses what she calls a "tactical flashlight" on Pedro. Reddit user u/throwaway3312232 asks fans to recall Karen's best lines, which resulted in one fan praising her scene "'Everyone, know Shocky. ’ when she pulled out the Taser,” recalled one The Family Chantel fan, as many users dubbed the scene the iconic Karen moment.

1. Karen Everett Confronts Pedro With A Taser

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