The Flash season 9 will bring two more major returning characters

The Flash season 9 has already brought back multiple fan-favorite characters, and it has just been revealed that two other main characters will be returning this year.

The Flash season 9 will bring back two more key players for its final season. As the Arrowverse's longest series draws to a close, season 9 of The Flash is pulling out all the stops for its final season. Before Grant Gustin wraps up his time as the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen is visiting many old friends as well as enemies from previous seasons. Not only will former Flash characters make guest appearances in Season 9, but actors from other Arrow episodes will also make guest appearances. These include Arrow's Stephen Amell and David Ramsey as Oliver Queen and John Diggle, respectively.

As production on The Flash draws to a close on season 9, the Arrowverse series will bring back two more characters. Teddy Sears and John Wesley Shipp will officially reprise their roles as Zoom and Jay Garrick, respectively, TVLine has revealed. The Teddy Sears announcement comes just a few months after Sears expressed interest in returning to Zoom for the final season. The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased Zoom and Jay's respective returns: Repeatedly over the past few seasons. Jay is an active player now and in the future -- judging by the timelines of Impulse and XS -- and the show could use him in a number of ways this season. Zoom, on the other hand, is an even bigger mystery, especially after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Wallace has consistently stated in numerous interviews that Speed ​​is one of his favorite villains, which means that Zoromon the Hunter will inevitably resurface at some point.

[About Zoom]: It’s a reunion I’ve been hoping could happen for several seasons,” the EP adds, “and now I’m so excited that we were finally able to bring Teddy and incredible talents back into our Flash Family for our epic and emotional ninth season. So, get ready to be frightened again, Flash fans!
[About Jay Garrick]: Flash fans have loved John Wesley Shipp’s heroic and heartwarming portrayals on our show since its inception. So, it’s a huge honor to have John back as part of our epic final season. This time, John’s lent his incredible talents to an incredibly emotional story — one that sheds new light on Barry Allen’s tragic past.

How Will Zoom Appear In The Flash Season 9

The Arrowverse continuity was restarted due to Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the situation on Earth-Prime is different from Earth-1. The Flash mentions how Zoom's history was rewritten post-Crisis, in fact, he was always from Earth-Prime instead of Earth-2. Hunter still faces the same fate of becoming Black Lightning after the Time Ghosts come to him. But since The Flash tinkered with the timeline after his massive crossover, the state of Zoom might look quite different now.

With all the time travel changes, this will make it easier for The Flash season 9 to have Zoom return to Canterlot one last time. However The Flash season 9 addressed his reintroduction, Hunter has long been considered one of the show's best villains. Since Jay is also coming back, maybe he and Hunter will have a showdown in some capacity. Given that Hunter took Jay as a prisoner and used his name in The Flash season 2, this must have been a reason for Golden Age Speedsters to battle supervillains. Hopefully, with Season 9 of The Flash wrapping up production in March, The CW will give their first glimpse at their return for the final season.

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Source: TVLine

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