The Drive: Are Caro and Ray Still Together After the Show?

Love Island USA alumni Caro and Ray found love on The Amazing Race, but the show canceled in 2020. Their dynamic has changed since the show aired.

Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt are one of 11 teams participating in Season 33 of The Needle, and it's time to talk about whether they're still dating. After meeting and falling in love on Love Island, USA, the two are ready to test their relationship at competitions around the world. With an unusual filming schedule due to the pandemic, it's been three years since Ray and Caro first competed. There's a lot to learn about their current relationship status.

Caro and Ray are no strangers to reality TV competitions, as they participated in the first season of Love Island in the summer of 2019 before taking on The Drive. Caro enters the villa on day 1 and goes through two different partners before Ray enters on day 15. The duo quickly became a lovable duo on the show, but eventually lost out in third place to The Need for Speed ​​33's Elizabeth Webb and Zach Mira Bailey. After the show, Ray and Caro continued their relationship, but had to engage in a long-distance relationship because he was on the East Coast and she was in Los Angeles.

The Amazing Race's Ray & Caro Broke Up

When filming began on The Amazing Race 33 In early 2020, Ray and Caro were still in a relationship. However, on Kahlo's YouTube channel in July 2020, after receiving hundreds of private messages and comments, she finally shared new facts about the status of her relationship with Ray. Caro said that the two officially broke up, and posted on his IG that the two are no longer together. Caro added that she broke up with Ray because she felt he wasn't as committed to the relationship as she was. It's sad to hear that they have broken up and are no longer in touch with each other.

The Amazing Race's Caro & Ray Did Not Return To The Show

Following the breakup, it was revealed that Caro and Ray would not be continuing for the remainder of The Drive. The production break took much longer than the contestants thought, and the couple decided not to return. Fellow contestants Connie and Sam Greiner were also absent from the rest of the show because Connie became pregnant during filming. Despite not returning to The Speedway, Caro continued to travel, posting vlogs of her travels around Europe.

Despite their breakup, Caro and Ray's personal lives are thriving Live, and actively update others through social media. Caro continues to travel and recently celebrated her 25th birthday. Likewise, Ray documents some of his own 2023 travels and resolutions through his socials. He wishes to work towards personal and business goals. While the couple is no longer together and didn't finish The Amazing Race 33, they gave the relationship a try. They were able to travel the world together and have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Caro and Ray could even return as friends one day for a season of The Drive.

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