The Circle: What Happened to Shubham Goel After Season 1

The Circle's Shubham Goel calls himself a "social Medusa". Since his first appearance on the show, the reality star has become an influencer IRL.

Shubham "Shooby" Goel, who finished second on season 1 of Netflix's The Circle, is a fascinating contestant for a number of reasons. The show, which originally aired in January 2020, has a certain eerie appeal as it parodies days of tight isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, this is a show about strangers living alone in separate apartments, completely isolated, communicating only through social media platforms. The series became an almost overnight hit, bringing even more weight to the social experimental side of the show. In fact, it was the social experimentation element that drove Shubham to The Circle in the first place.

The Indian-American ULCA graduate in his early 20s was cast on season 1 of The Circle, calling himself a "social Medusa". Calling social media the bubonic plague of the digital age, Shubham cites numerous studies highlighting the negative impact social media can have on mental health. He even launched a campaign with the governor of California to ban social media for children under 18. So when the opportunity came to test his theories about social media, he couldn't resist the temptation. this The experience quickly challenged Shubham's ideas about social sharing platforms, giving him a unique way to connect online.

The Circle's Shubham Was Thrilled To Return

As one might expect, Shubham was last among The Circle players on night one. What's fascinating, however, is that Shubham stays true to himself and his word by forming very real connections with some key characters. Shubham's success and popularity brought him back for season 5 of The Circle, where he played a catfish. He told Entertainment Weekly, "They reached out [and invited me back] and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to come back and play the game I love again, so I'm excited." While Shubham didn't win, he still kept Fan favorite status.

The Circle's Shubham May Return To Reality TV

Shubham's true personality was on display throughout both seasons of his show. His allegiance (and unique savvy on social media) made him one of the most-watched cast members of season 1 of The Circle. Although Shubham spent his career in software engineering, he still loves reality TV. "I grew up on all these shows, so I love them," he told EW. He's also taking sketch comedy and improv classes On the other hand, hinting at a possible return to TV.

Finally, Shubham said he would not change his time at The Circle. It completely changed his life and he thinks everyone should watch this show. In his view, it's an educational project that asks some good questions about the culture surrounding social media.

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