The Bachelor: Why Genevie Mayo Has Slings on Her Arms

In Episode 3 of The Bachelor season 27, Genevie Mayo wears suspenders to the rose ceremony after a football game. Now she explains her injuries.

Season 27 Bachelor contestant Genevie Mayo wore suspenders to the rose ceremony in Episode 3 without explanation, and she now reveals why. During the rose ceremony in episode 4, lead actor Zach Shallcross knocks out Genevie, a 26-year-old neonatal nurse from Joppa, Maryland. Genevieve didn't get much screen time during the show's run. On The Bachelor premiere, she puts Zac to the test by asking him to change the doll's diaper. In the third episode, she participated in the Bachelor Bowl football group date.

During the Bachelor Bowl, the women's team played a tackle game and battled The Bachelor's Zach Shallcross for time after the game. She then appeared at the rose ceremony with a sling on her arm, but no explanation was given. At the start of The Bachelor episode 4, Genevie's arm is still in a sling. However, she was already able to live without it when she was eliminated at the rose ceremony. Despite the assumption that Genevie was injured during a football game, exactly what happened to her has been a burning question for the past two episodes.

The Bachelor's Genevie Mayo Plays Hard In The Bachelor Bowl

At the Singles Bowl, Genevie won First touchdown. She impressed former NFL player and The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer. The match got really tough at some points and Genevieve was tackled hard by Kelly Russell. Genevie played hard and fell down several times during the match. Any of these falls could have resulted in her injury. Despite Genevie's efforts, her team lost. The Bachelor contestants on the losing team didn't get a chance to spend time with Zach at the gala.

The Bachelor's Genevie Mayo Explains Her Injury On Social Media

Bachelor player Genevie explained her injury on Twitter. In a tweet, she wrote, "Football is harder than it looks!! Especially getting thrown by multiple girls. Shoulder definitely took a hit but we finally got back [laughing emoji] #bachelor #BachelorNation. Genevie also shared something about her injury on her Instagram story. She captioned a photo, "Just here to remind the world of the body (and soul) I lost in that game. #woundedwarrior #BachelorNation." While Genevie didn't elaborate on her injury, she did reveal It was her shoulder that hurt.

Bachelor season 27 contestant Genevie didn't give many specific details about her injury, but it can be assumed it was serious Enough for her to see a doctor who gave her a sling. However, from what played out in the episode, Genevieve didn't use her injury to get Zac's attention. Genevie is a sweet, funny, demure contestant, and it would be a treat to see more of her on "Bachelor in Paradise" or "The Bachelorette."

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm. ET on ABC.

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