Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards' arrest details allegedly revealed

Teen Mom alumnus Ryan Edwards allegedly called his wife and made threats before she enforced a protective order against him.

More details about the incident have come to light after former Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards was arrested on Feb. 10 for violating a protective order on his behalf with his wife, Mackenzie Edwards. Ever since Ryan starred in Teen Mom, initially with his ex Maci Bookout and later with his wife Mackenzie, he's been in some kind of drama. While Teen Mom is known for being dramatic, his behavior over the years has involved some very insecure and roguish behavior, leading to his current situation.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Us Weekly, Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards shared a phone call with MacKenzie in which he allegedly threatened her that people would come to her place of work. The affidavit said the call took place on Feb. 8 and that MacKenzie recorded it in two videos that were later provided to police as evidence. Ryan allegedly said, "You better lie to the people who come to you, they will come to you for a job." When Mackenzie asked her husband who he was referring to, he allegedly Replied, "The people in my fucking club joined on Friday."

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards Lashes Out At Mackenzie Edwards

Recently, Ryan accused Mackenzie of cheating on him, which sparked a flurry of Instagram comments that led him to share private photos of his wife on social media. On that note, the affidavit says he allegedly told her, "You know being married is a big no-no for your wife to disrespect you in this way." Ryan allegedly continued to be abusive and threatening until MacKenzie Tell him she doesn't want to be with him anymore. He allegedly ended it with a final warning, saying, "What's about to happen to you is going to be ugly." The next day was when Mackenzie served her husband with an order of protection, but when he contacted her father, Bob Standifer, a day later, The protection order was broken. He was subsequently arrested and detained on suspicion of violating the order.

Over the years, Ryan has been known for his indecent behavior since joining the series Teen Mom. Even his predecessor, Maci, didn't have much good to say about his character or behavior, even when it came to their son, Bentley. With more arrest records and more alleged misconduct from Ryan, only time will tell what he will do with his children and family for the rest of his life. While he no longer appears on Teen Mom, he still continues to make headlines for some allegedly questionable choices he continues to make.

The Teen Mom franchise has one of the largest cult followings in reality television. Since the spin-off of the original show 16 And Pregnant, it has caused some to question whether Teen Mom should continue after its nearly 15-year run. It's just going to continue with the drama and it doesn't feel like it did in 2009 when it all started, it's just a different vibe now. MTV did decide to remove Ryan from the show which is a good thing because while it shows the hard side of reality and life, no one should be engaging in this kind of behavior to make money like some of the Teen Mom stars are now allegedly doing up.

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