Tears of the Kingdom: Top 5 Iconic Zelda Weapons That TOTK Must Include

A series as old as Zelda has included many recurring weapons over the years, and Tears of Kingdoms needed to include these iconic weapons.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdoms has a lot of iconic weapons and items that could be included in the game. Throughout its long history, Zelda games have provided Link with a variety of weapons to fight the menace of evil. While not all of them have stood the test of time, there are a few that are recognized as iconic and have recurred in multiple games throughout the series.

As a sequel to Breath of the Wild, expectations were high for Tears of the Kingdom to continue the sense of wonder brought by the BOTW open world map. The developer's ambitious changes could make Tear of Kingdoms better than BOTW, and there's speculation that more classic elements will return to TOTK, such as traditional Zelda dungeons. However, even if the game expands on a world created by BOTW, Tears of Kingdoms needs to include iconic weapons from other Zelda games.

5 The Master Sword

It's safe to say that the Master Sword is the most iconic weapon in The Legend of Zelda, and acquiring it is often a major milestone in Link's journey. Master Sword in its The original form was created by the goddess Hylia in order to complete the creation of her chosen hero and make it into a sword that drives away evil. As an added bonus, the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild has no weapon durability, making it the only weapon that doesn't require repair. A broken sword is shown in the TOTK trailer, but a fully restored Master Sword is a must for any Zelda game.

4 Bow And Arrows

Like Masterblade, bows appear frequently in Zelda games, and often have different types of arrows that can be earned or found. The typical types of magic arrows: fire, ice, and light, all have their uses, making the bow a more versatile weapon, even occasionally requiring it to solve puzzles. The strength of different arrows in the Zelda games can vary, especially the magic power of light arrows. But considering the possibility of Zelda being physically unwell during at least part of TOTK, Light Arrows could be an iconic addition and be useful to Link as he battles evil forces without the help of Zelda's divine powers, which Vital to Calamity Cannon.

3 Hookshot

While the Hookshot is more often used in The Legend of Zelda as a tool to help Link reach places he would otherwise be unable to reach, it can also be a great weapon due to its versatility. Depending on the enemy and the game, the Hookshot can pull the enemy onto the Link and vice versa. Smaller enemies can be defeated by hitting them with Hookshot, and it has the ability to stun larger enemies. Even Tempe in Ocarina of Time considered Hookshot a treasure.

Hookshot is not the best weapon of choice in terms of damage, unless the player is fighting very small enemies that can be killed in one hit. Instead, it provides utility for players both in combat and out of combat. The design of the 3D Zelda games has made the Hookshot such an iconic hybrid of tool and weapon that it might feel strange if it didn't make an appearance in Tears of the Kingdom.

2 Boomerang

Similar to the Hookshot, the Boomerang is a weapon that sacrifices some damage for utility. Boomerangs are often used to defeat or stun enemies, activate remote switches, and carry items Link. Zelda: Wind Waker and Twilight Princess still don't have a Switch port, increasing the utility of the Boomerang by allowing players to lock on to multiple targets at once instead of just one. Breath of the Wild even includes the option to use the boomerang as a more direct weapon, allowing players to swing it like a sword and make melee attacks.

Debuting in The Legend of Zelda, where players can find it in the first dungeon, the boomerang appears in most Zelda games. Considering that BOTW has several Boomerangs that players can find and use as Link, it seems only natural that the direct sequel would also include these weapons or similar versions. If Kingdom Tears revisits the classic The Legend of Zelda, it must include at least one boomerang, as its long history in the series has become iconic.

1 Bombs

Of the weapons included in Zelda, bombs are probably the most situational due to the time delay between when one is taken out and when it actually detonates, although Breath of the Wild combines bombs with arrows into Bomb Arrows, which can be used against Enemy in the distance. Ocarina of Time also has a bomb variant called Bombchus, which moves forward until it explodes. While according to the Zelda games, bombs are the only way to defeat certain enemies, they have more uses than just being weapons.

Bombs appear in nearly every game, making them almost as iconic as Link's green suit in The Legend of Zelda. In addition to dealing damage to enemies, they are often used to open secret walls to find hidden items or solve puzzles. Like most of the iconic weapons on this list, the Bomb is capable of complementing the Master Sword and helping Link in situations that cannot always be resolved with the sword.

The developers appear to be setting Tear of Kingdoms as a mix of classic Zelda elements and new features, which will help differentiate it from its predecessors. The weapons listed here are so iconic to the franchise that omitting them from TOTK might be seen as an odd choice, especially if they are included in BOTW. Expectations seem to be high for BOTW and its open-world follow-up, including More unique features, but also room for iconic weapons from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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