Superman Movie Rumor About Clark Has A Son Debunked By James Gunn

DC Studios co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn debunked the Superman: Legendary movie rumor that Clark Kent had a son in the story.

James Gunn debunks Superman: Legacy movie rumors about Clark Kent having a son in the story. The DCEU has come to an end as DC Studios prepares to launch a new DC Universe. With the appointment of James Gunn and Peter Safran as co-CEOs of the newly formed division, they are pushing the DC brand in a new direction. Under their leadership, they are responsible for film, television, animation, and video games, all of which are related to the DC Universe. Safran and Gunn announced the first half of Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters," at the end of January this year.

The list will correctly begin with Gunn's Superman: Legacy movie, which he is currently writing. It hasn't been confirmed if he will direct the reboot, but Gunn is reportedly expected to take the helm.

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Rumors have recently surfaced about Superman: Legacy that this new take on Clark Kent will have a child in the story. However, Gunn was quick to refute these claims, as he clarified that he never said Superman would have children.

How James Gunn's DC Universe Can Eventually Introduce Jon Kent

The full disclosure so far about Superman: Legacy is It will focus on a young Clark. According to Gunn, while it will be a reboot, Superman: Legacy won't be an original story. This iteration of Superman will also already know some of the main characters, rather than meeting them for the first time. This means that Superman will somehow be established in the new DC universe.

The idea of ​​having Jon Kent introduced so early would not feel worthwhile Clark and Lois Lane's son wasn't born until very late in their lives. That's what The CW's Superman & Lois did, while also adding a twin brother, Jordan Kent. But for the DC Universe, Gunn's Jon could be at the end of this trilogy or in a sequel trilogy. By then, Clark and Lois might have come a long way as a couple.

This would allow the DC Universe to explore Jon as a child and differentiate him from his teenage incarnations of Superman and Lois. Having Lois and Clark start a family on the big screen would be something new to Superman's cinematic annals, and hopefully the DC Universe will figure it out for them. With Superman: Legacy targeting a 2025 release date, it may be a while before more details emerge about the upcoming reboot.

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