Superboy's Apocalyptic Revenge In The Ultimate '90s Showdown

In a variant cover of May's Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #2, he avenges Doomsday in the ultimate '90s showdown.

In the new cover, Superboy takes revenge on the end of the world in the ultimate '90s showdown. Both characters are synonymous with the now-classic Death of Superman/Reign of Superman storylines, in which Iron Man falls in a brutal apocalyptic battle, seemingly again as four different heroes -- including Jr. Superman - the resurrection of the identity. Now, on his 30th anniversary, Conner Kent is back with a new miniseries — and releasing two ships with different covers, the ultimate reminiscence for longtime Superman fans .

The cover of Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #2 was drawn by Jason Howard and was recently shared by League of Comic Geeks; this issue was written by Kenny Porter and drawn by Jahnoy Lindsay. The cover shows Superboy triumphantly victorious at the seemingly deceased Doomsday—his knuckles are bloodied, hinting at the great struggle that undoubtedly led to the moment.

Superboy Takes Out Superman's Ultimate Enemy

30 years ago, DC published the landmark Reign of Superman storyline, the sequel to the blockbuster Death of Superman. Reign begins with the arrival of four different individuals in Metropolis, each claiming to be Superman. Among the four was Superboy, who was exposed over time Become a clone of Superman, created by the mysterious Cadmus Project. After the return of the real Superman, the clone was officially named "Little Superman" and began his own heroic career. Eventually named Conner Kent; he would become a member of Young Justice and the Teen Titans, and be accepted as his younger brother by Kal-El. The character was seemingly wiped from continuity in the New 52 era, but he made a triumphant return during writer Brian Michael Bendis' tenure as the Superman series title. Connor has re-established himself as an integral member of the Superman family and will receive his first solo book in over a decade this spring.

Superboy Arrived at a Crucial Time in Superman's Life

May's second issue cover gave fans a perfect look back at one of the most explosive chapters in Superman's 85-year history. The death of Superman was one of the greatest stories in comics at the time. The storyline even received unprecedented attention from mainstream media, making the event a cultural touchstone. Speculators bought up multiple copies, and the magazine went through several printings. However, behind the media frenzy is a true story - one that in the end Reaffirms everything that makes Superman great.

Superboy Stood the Test of Time

Jason Howard's variant cover proves the shelf life of Reign of Superman spin-off characters. After the story ended, several replacement Supermen remained; Superboy and Steel received their own books, and Cyborg Superman became, in time, one of DC's greatest villains. After a few years on the sidelines, Superboy returns in grand fashion, with new life and a new miniseries, and in a special variant cover, he avenges himself at the end of the world, paying homage to their shared '90s origins.

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #2 will be available from DC Comics on May 16!

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