Summer House's Kyle Cooke explains weird Valentine's Day message

Summer House star Kyle Cook explains the reasoning behind the confusing caption of a Valentine's Day Instagram post he made for wife Amanda Batura.

The Summer House star Kyle Cook's Valentine's Day message to Amanda Batura was more confusing than romantic, but the star explains why. On Valentine's Day, Kyle shared a black and white photo of his and Amanda's September 2021 wedding. While it might seem like he would write a romantic title for his wife, that's not the case. The captions of the photos are a jumble of words that make no sense to anyone reading them. Amanda commented on the post, seemingly joking, while others expressed their confusion. Some have even compared the title to Mad-Libs.

Luckily, Summer House's Kyle clarified what was wrong with his strange title. Kyle shared the Instagram post to his Stories, writing: "When I was subtitled for my V-Day post, the dictation feature was clicked. But Amanda thought it was so funny she asked me to stay Download it."

The title is exactly what many fans suspected, as some in the comments to the original post suggested. "Seems like some text dialogue went wrong," one fan wrote. Kyle's caption referenced chocolate on a t-shirt, and it was hard for anyone to figure out what he was talking about Originally intended to caption the photo.

Amanda Shared Photos Of Kyle From Summer House Season 7

Amanda did not share a Valentine's Day post for her husband, but she recently shared a post from the Summer House season 7 premiere, which included photos and videos of Kyle. In the first photo, Kyle holds a large bouquet of flowers, and in one video, he sings "Lollipop" by The Chordettes while driving the two of them to the Hamptons. The summer house premiere didn't focus too much on Kyle and Amanda, and their relationship seemed a lot healthier than in previous summers when they spent a lot of time bickering.

Now that Kyle explains it himself, his Valentine's Day message makes more sense. Luckily, Amanda has a great sense of humor and finds the situation amusing to share with their followers. While the title might not be romantic, it's a perfect representation of Kyle and Amanda's relationship. Throughout the series, fans have seen the two have fun together, and it's their energy that has carried them through a lot of tough times.

Summer House fans were quick to figure out what was wrong with Kyle's post before he posted it tell them. While they might initially think that Kyle posted the caption without realizing it, he actually did know that what he posted meant nothing. Still, it's good that Kyle confirmed what fans suspected. Here's hoping Kyle and Amanda had a romantic second Valentine's Day as a married couple, even if his Instagram caption didn't express how much he loved his wife and summer house partner.

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Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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