Star Wars Theory: Jude Law Is Playing Ahsoka's Old Clone Wars Flame

While not much is known about Star Wars' upcoming series Skull Crew, Jude Law's protagonist may have a significant connection to Ahsoka.

Not much is known about the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars TV show Skeletor, but star Jude Law could play Ahsoka Tano's old flame. When Lucasfilm announced Skull Troopers during Star Wars Celebration 2022, the project took audiences by surprise. Directed by producer Jon Watts (director of the MCU's Spider-Man trilogy), it will be a coming-of-age story set in a galaxy far, far away. It will apparently focus on a group of teenagers lost in space, with Jude Law playing an unidentified father figure.

Lucasfilm is still keeping the identity of Roe's character under wraps, which naturally led to strong speculation that he was playing an established character in the Star Wars Galaxy. The Skeleton Crew is set in the Mandalorian era of Star Wars, five years after Return of the Jedi, so he could easily play a live-action version of the younger character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. If that is the case, it will be exciting to see him play Lux Bonteri, the son of a separatist senator and love interest of another key figure of the era, Asoka Tano.

Jude Law Could Be Playing Lux Bonteri

Mina Bonteri's son Lux Bonteri eventually followed His mother's footsteps as Senator for Onderon. However, as Onderon's desire for neutrality sparked political turmoil in the Clone Wars and Planetary Civil War, Lax joined Saw's sister Stella in the ranks of Saw's freedom fighters. With the help of the Jedi, they fought to repel the influence of the Separatists, who had replaced the king of the world with a puppet of their own. During the Clone Wars, Lux had numerous interactions with Anakin Skywalker's apprentice Ahsoka Tano, including joining the Mandalore Death Guard after his mother was assassinated in a quest to avenge Count Dooku's Darkness stage.

After the Clone Wars and Rise of the Empire, Rax lived with Saw Gerrera's partisans who had begun to fight against the Imperial regime and its oppression. After Gerrera's death in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he became the main leader of an offshoot organization known as the Dreamers. As it stands, Buuntry's fate is unknown after the Dreamer was targeted by the Empire in Christie Gordon's novel Frontline II: Hellsquad, although he has been confirmed to have survived an infiltration by Imperial Special Forces . This raises the intriguing possibility that he might appear again in Age of the Jedi, Jude Law may face off against Rosario Dawson's live-action Ahsoka Tano.

How Lux Bonteri Could Play Into Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

In the Inferno Squad novels, it is confirmed that Lux is referred to simply as "The Mentor", who guides the Dreamers with his acquired list of potential Imperial targets, while helping to moderate their more aggressive and extremist tendencies. Considering that Jude Law's role in Skull will be guiding a group of teenagers lost in the galaxy, a name like "Mentor" is very appropriate. It helps that while such a traditional Star Wars character is sure to entice the upcoming Disney+ TV show, Lux's name isn't enough to overshadow the teen himself. He's important -- but not to the point where he'll take over. He also resembles a young Jude Law, so the casting is fitting.

Lux Bonteri Would Be A Key Part Of Lucasfilm's Mandoverse Plans

Since the Skeleton Crew is in the same era as The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka, Lux Bontry would be the perfect legacy character to bring back for Jude Law. Not only is Lux related to Ahsoka whom he confesses to love, but he's also related to Boca, Tankriz and The Mandalorian Rise of Empires. So Lux's starring role in Skull Squad certainly makes sense, given the crossover potential.

Likewise, little is known about the Skeleton Crew other than the bare-bones outline of Jude Law's character helping lost teens in space. However, it has been mentioned in relation to the expected future Mandoverse crossover. While this theory is largely speculation, it's certainly possible that Jude Law could play a live-action Lux Bonteri, adding even more significance to Star Wars: The Skeleton Crew when it hits theaters later in 2023. ^More: Every Star Wars TV Show Coming in 2023

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