Squid Game Season 2 Plot Reveals Hints of Season 1 Arc Repeat

New plot details revealed by a Squid Game star suggest that season 2 of Netflix's hit series will repeat the main storyline from season 1 of Squid Game.

Plot details for season 2 of The Squid Game hint at a possible repeat of season 1's arc. Netflix's highest-rated series has about 456 people, and they all need money, so it's only natural that they get involved in a series of deadly games. Squid Game played by Lee Jung-jae's Sung Ki-hoon ended up winning the game. He was rewarded with 45.6 billion won, but the money did not make him happy on the other side of the horrific ordeal.

Lee Jung-jae will return as Gi-hun in Squid Game Season 2, which begins filming in summer 2023. According to the actor, "The main plot of season 2 will be revenge, and the key person who controls the operation of the game in season 1 is Senior Lee Byung-hun." Lee Byung-hun plays Hwang In-ho, who organizes and supervises the game, also known as For Front Man. Lee asserted that Squid Games season 2 will focus on Gi-hun taking revenge on In-ho for his ordeal from season 1, which means there will be a recurring plot.

Squid Game Season 2's Revenge Plot Mirrors Gi-hun's S1 Arc

Gi-hun looks ready to go through the same character arc he went through in Squid Game season 1. He started the season as Gambler, drove away his ex-wife and daughter. Gi-hun committed his fair share of treachery throughout the match, including taking advantage of Yinan Wu's dementia in 001 - or so he thought. By the end of The Squid Game season 1, he realizes that people are more important than money, and he tries to spare Cho Sang-woo despite forfeiting his winnings. The revenge story of Squid Game Season 2 brought Gi-hun's development back to square one. He will again be on a redemptive arc from flawed to finding peace.

Gi-hun's faith in humanity is reinvigorated after he discovers that Il-nam has been behind the game all along, as he believes that humans are inherently good. Determined to help others, Ki-hoon finally goes to visit his daughter, only to run into a game recruiter on the way to the airport. He took the business card the recruiter had given the victim and decided to skip his plane to cancel the match. While Gi-hun seems to have learned his lesson about the goodness of human nature, Lee's promise of revenge for Squid Game Season 2 wasn't the most visceral motivation for canceling the game, showing that Gi-hun still has a lot to learn.

Squid Game Season 2's Plot Hints Suggest The Show Will Get Even Better

Although repeated The arc of Gi-hun Squid Game season 1 could be considered negative and the revenge plot might actually be a good direction for season 2. Despite the crossover, Gi-hun has different motivations compared to Squid Game season 1, which means he will behave differently in the game. This is especially true considering he no longer needs to win.

The moral of the Squid Game is that humans are better than bad, so it makes sense to continue that message as a theme of Squid Game Season 2 by sending Gi-hun on a quest for revenge. If care is taken to avoid repetition, Squid Game could expand on season 1's themes rather than just repeat them. Revenge may have been the catalyst for Gi-hun's character arc in Season 2, but Squid Game will always be about how people can better each other.

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