'Spy Among Friends' Trailer: Guy Pearce and Damian Lewis Are the Ultimate Friends and Foes

The six-part limited series will premiere on MGM+ on March 12.

It's often said that keep friends close, keep enemies close, and Sun Tzu's quote comes true when it comes to the new limited series Spy Among Friends, which is set to premiere on MGM+. Centered on Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, two British intelligence spies and friends of 30 years find their personal and professional lives thrown into deep turmoil after discovering that Philby may be a double agent for the Soviet Union, throwing their entire operation into disarray. With trust in deep jeopardy, the upcoming streaming series should be a gripping, suspenseful drama filled with intrigue and tense confrontations, and the show's trailer highlights the ensuing double-crossover intensity.

Starring Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce as Elliott and Philby, Spy Among Friends, based on Ben McIntry's best-selling history book of the same name, explores how Philby not only betrayed his friends and the trust of the government, and eventually became the most notorious British defector and Soviet double agent in history. There's certainly plenty of dramatic ground to dig into in a subject like this alone, but the emotional intensity of exploring two friends who've both sworn to secrecy and Be cautious, accept their professional responsibilities and the consequences of a long-term relationship - all due to willful behavior and utter mistrust of a man whose allegiance is divided. Spies are suspicious by nature, but you often have close associates you can trust. But if you've ever found that comforting person, someone you can trust against all odds, is that person helping your worst enemy? It's an intense story to tell, and it should play out captivatingly over the course of six episodes.

It also helps that the show has dynamite talent not only in front of the camera but also behind it. Namely, "Spy Among Friends" was adapted and written by Alexander Cary, known for his Emmy Award-winning work on Homeland Security. Therefore, this limited series will serve as a reunion between Cary and Lewis. Plus, the series is helmed by BAFTA-winning director Nick Murray, and as we've seen from the promo, the series is a beautifully framed film period piece that's sure to benefit from its luxurious production values ​​and top-notch creative talent . We won't have to wait long to see how this all unfolds.

New 'Spy Among Friends' pic shows Damian Lewis sniffing out a double agent

An Acclaimed Game of Espionage

Thankfully, we know this new streaming series is worth the time. While it won't hit stateside until later this spring, Spy Among Friends premiered in the UK in late 2022, to rave reviews from critics, who praised its clever writing, riveting storytelling and Stunning performances by the two lead characters. The latter, in particular, has received particular attention for his bold and uncompromising compositions, which should come as no surprise to fans familiar with his versatile oeuvre. The Easttown Mare cast has always excelled on screens big and small, and this is no exception. You can't always trust people, even your friends, but you can always count on Pierce's performance to be mesmerizing, and this meaty character should prove to be another great showcase.

A Spy Among Friends premieres March 12 on MGM+. Check out the trailer below:

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