Sister Wives: What to Know About Kristen Brown's New Boyfriend David

Sister Wives' Kristen Brown recently revealed that she's dating a new man named David Woolley, and there's a lot to learn about him.

Wives and Sisters' Kristen Brown revealed on Valentine's Day that she's in love with David Woolley, and there's still a lot to reveal about the man who stole her. Since leaving Kody Brown in November 2021, Christine has been working hard for herself and she has been living her best life. Viewers have been rooting for her, wishing her to find eternal happiness.

The mother of six shared in a recent post that Cupid found her the perfect match. Since moving back to Murray, Utah, Wives fan favorite Kristen has been going on small, private dates that have never been a big deal. Just a few weeks ago, Kristen shared with fans how she didn't want to be spotted in public since filming the latest season of The Wife and Sisters. Since leaving Coty, Kristen has been more open and seems to have revealed her perfect man.

Who Is David Woolley?

According to the Deseret News, David Pratt Woolley was a widower who was married to Margaret Lucille Sullin from 1990 until She passed away in June 2012. The couple have eight children together - Adam, Colton, Garrett, Katie, Dallas, Reagan, Payton and Maddox Woolley. david is a local San Diego, but moved to Herriman, Utah for the past few years. The 59-year-old is only about a 20-minute drive from Kristen's new home in Murray.

What Does David Do For A Living?

According to LinkedIn, David works for his own company, David Woolley Drywall. The father-of-eight started his firm in 2015 and says it is one of the best construction firms in Utah. David may also be preparing to add a reality TV personality to his resume, as fans spotted filming equipment in the background of multiple photos. Christine has also started filming the latest season of Sister Wives.

David Likes The Outdoors

It appears that David was also an avid outdoorsman. The new Sister Wives star loves to hunt and play with his machines. David has multiple photos of his four-seat Polaris RZR ATV that he shared that he will be taking to the dunes. David also enjoys going to Disneyland with his grandchildren, as does Wives and Sisters star Kristen. The two have a lot in common, and it looks like they might start bringing their families together in the not-too-distant future. Followers believe David will stay and even be a date for Kristen's daughter, Gwen Brown's July wedding.

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