Sister Wives' Janelle Brown Reveals She Loves 'Grandma Life'

Janelle Brown, "The Wives" star and Cody's ex, has opened up about how she loves being a grandmother to daughter Maddie Brown-Brush's children.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is enjoying being a grandmother to her three grandchildren. Cody Brown's former second wife has been taking her own life since their separation a few months ago. Now there is no need to explain to Coty, she can visit her children and grandchildren more.

Maddie Brown Brush recently announced on her social media that she was expecting her third child, followed by a post by Sister Wives' Janelle Brown. The mother of six happily sat in a rocking chair in her daughter's delivery room, holding her newborn granddaughter, Joy.

"Life's Beautiful" star of "The Wife and Sister" says as she gets ready for hugs in North Carolina. Janelle shared that she saw newborn Josephine, then went straight back to see Axel and Evie, and wrote, "I love grandma's life!"

Sister Wives Fans Think Janelle Brown Is Happier Now

In the Instagram photo, Sister Wives fans saw Janelle matching the baby because Both were wearing maroon tops. Supporters commented on the post, noting Janelle was living her "best life" after saying goodbye to the family patriarch. Joy is Janelle's third grandchild, and fans have seen her make multiple trips to North Carolina Helping her daughter through her latest pregnancy and taking a family vacation. Janelle even spent Christmas by Maddie's side as she decorated cookies with her two oldest grandchildren.

Fans first found out that Janelle and Kody had parted ways after Sister Wives Tell-All aired. Janelle has been very candid about her current situation, noting that she and Cody have separated. The split comes after a tough year for Kody as he tries to enforce strict COVID-19 rules. It's clear that Cody has chosen to spend time with his favorite wife, Robyn Brown, while ignoring the rest of the family. Janelle was the only wife actively trying to move to Coyote Pass, but she lacked support. The final straw that crushed the couple was Janelle buying a luxury motorhome so she could live on the land. Cody flew into a rage, claiming he was angry he wasn't involved in the decision-making. But Janelle made it clear that she ultimately chose her children and their happiness over Cody's.

Janelle hasn't looked back since leaving Cody, receiving public support every step of the way. Janelle's daughter Maddie has seen firsthand the pain her mother went through Married to Cody, the mother of three claims Cody rarely visits his grandchildren. At least Maddie's kids know they have a really cool grandma who can do just about anything for them. Hopefully Sister Wives fans will see more updates from Janelle in the future.

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