RHOSLC: Why Jen Shah got a tattoo before going to jail

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jansa decided to get some ink. Days later, the controversial reality star was in federal prison.

Just days before The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City celebrity Jen Shah was sentenced to prison, fans learned she had a new tattoo on her body. The mother-of-two has kept a low profile since her fate was revealed on a Jan. 6 court date. Now, Jen is preparing for life in prison. Her sentence will begin tomorrow, February 17.

In January, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen was sentenced to six and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to felony fraud and money laundering charges. At the trial, multiple witnesses spoke of how her plans had hurt them. Around the same time, one of the witnesses accused Jen of having an affair with her husband. Jen allegedly harassed and stalked the man's wife after she showed the text messages to coach Sharrieff Shah.

RHOSLC's Jen Explains Her Tattoo's Meaning

The RHOSLC star is headed to prison, but before she leaves, the fashionista shares that she will be wearing a new accessory. It looks like Jen has decided to get a new tattoo on her skin, and it has a very special meaning. Jen, 49, decided to let her husband and The names of her sons (Sharrieff Jr and Omar) are tattooed on the inside of her right arm. Jen's youngest son, Omar, has "Keiki," the Hawaiian word for a child, tattooed on his left forearm. Jen and Omar's tattoos were done by Vili Ngata, known for his skilled Pacific Island tribal tattooing.

RHOSLC's Jen Shah & Omar Were In Good Spirits

In Jen's Instagram Story, she also wrote a little explanation for the two works of art. The first dress Omar wears is dedicated to her as a mother's "unconditional" love. The RHOSLC star shared that she is grateful for her children and will always love them. The second slide shows her arms and three names with some text on them. Would-be criminal Jen once wrote that her husband and children were her "everything". Tattoo artist Vili works at Xodus Tattoos in Jordan, Utah, best known for its Polynesian artist collective. These talented tattoo artists have mastered a variety of styles.

How Will RHOSLC's Jen Shah Do Behind Bars

As fans know, Jen will turn herself in tomorrow. The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star asked to be sent to FPC Bryan, a minimum security camp for women in Texas, but her facility has not been confirmed. the earliest ren can The release date is 2028, as federal prisoners are able to receive 54 days of "good time credit" each year. There is a good chance that Jen will serve for less than six years. While it's been a "Shahmazing" trip for the reality star, it looks like her misbehavior is finally catching up to her. However, her new tattoo always reminds her of home.

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