RHOP Alumna Katie Rost Defends Working Minimum Wage

Real Housewives of Potomac alum Katie Rost has defended her current status in life after undergoing rehab for alcohol and Adderall dependence.

Real Housewives of Potomac alum Katie Rost recently started working full-time at a retail store earning minimum wage, and now she's having to fend off that situation online. She started this practice after successfully completing alcohol and Adderall dependence rehab. Katie became a household name in season 1 of RHOP, but her role dwindled in season 2. After skipping RHOP season 3, she was brought back in season 4 as the housewife's "friend." The following season, Katie was removed from the series, only to reappear in the second episode of season 7. Katie posted a selfie of her work, saying "I started working like a real job. I just finished my 8 hour shift for minimum wage. I felt like a real person, not a reality show; I make $14 an hour...keep it real."

In the comments section, she goes on to describe her new workplace. "I'm in a Bethesda co-op and we're kind of like granola and hippies, but kinda awesome. Much better More than Whole Foods! ’ When another fan congratulated her, saying a job is more than just a paycheck, Katie replied, ‘It’s true because every moment is more important to me these days. I appreciate it.

Katie hit back at bullies who chose to make fun of her recent recovery steps. On Twitter, Katie replied to someone who said she was "not doing well," saying, "So, just trying to make it right." Going to rehab to get a job makes someone wrong? No, I'll tell you what's wrong. To further clarify the fan's post, Katie further explained her situation and the use of the word "bamma" at the end of the tweet, writing, "I grew up at the DMV and the word bamma was for another person The harsh, brutal accusation of calling them Bamma is the controversy of the century.

RHOP's Katie Is Now Fighting Back Against Those Seeking To Condemn

RHOP alum Katie is very witty and this technique works really well when responding to online hate. Fortunately, most responses so far have been overwhelmingly positive and people are starting to flood the online comment sections in support of Katie. Fans everywhere They are all cheering for her, sending blessings, and congratulating her on becoming a True, after several seasons of heartache. Katie's experience on the reality show showcased a difficult time in her life, from her divorce to an extremely messy custody battle in which she co-parented with her ex, Dr. James Orsini.

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Season 7 of The Real Housewives of Potomac just wrapped, and it was full of drama and called on actors like Robyn Dixon to be real during filming. There's nothing quite like a housewife trying to pull herself out of the darkness. If Katie is asked to return for season 8 of RHOP, her recent steps in recovery, along with her new job, will make for a signature comeback for her. Her journey is so connected to so many people that it might be refreshing for the franchise. While it's not like the extreme wealth and privilege Housewives are usually known for, it's still a story worth telling and celebrating.

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