Reverse-Flash and Catwoman Cosplay Team Up With DC's Most Underrated Villain

While Catwoman and Reverse Flash are fairly well-known, they don't get the respect they deserve as DC villains, and these cosplayers highlight that.

It's hard to imagine two villains more incompatible than Reverse-Flash and Catwoman, since one is a compulsive time-traveling speeder who commits cosmic atrocities as easily as brushing his teeth, while the other is a man with a heart of gold and a penchant for criminals in order to help a certain bat-like crime fighter - but in one particular instance of DC cosplay, these two underrated villains join forces, thus revealing exactly why they're so underrated.

Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash is a man from the 25th century who fell in love with Barry Allen's Flash after learning about him while working at the Flash Museum. However, Eobard isn't just a huge fan of The Flash, as he's also a brilliant scientist who was able to amplify the Speed ​​Force energy on The Flash's original suit before he put it on, effectively making himself like his hero The speediest. Unfortunately, that's where their similarities end, as Eobard quickly becomes a deranged supervillain capable of traveling/altering the timestream at will, allowing himself to exist at every conceivable point in time ( basically make yourself immortal), and, or of course, run incredibly fast. Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, on the other hand, is more down to earth. Catwoman doesn't have any superhero crushes (unless she's had an on-and-off relationship with Batman), and she's generally indifferent to anything that's not good/interesting to her. Catwoman is a thief by trade and skill, and she's been known to ally herself with supervillains to get what she wants, but Seilna is by no means evil, especially by the standards set by Reverse-Flash - though they do have a common denominator.

Reverse-Flash & Catwoman are Opposites, but Equally Undervalued

An Instagram post by user Scott (username: sconderson) features two cosplayers - one Reverse-Flash, the other Catwoman - standing together, each in a specific pose based on the character they are playing . Departing from the lore for a moment, just focus on the quality of these costumes—both are absolutely jaw-dropping. The Reverse-Flash suit might as well have been pulled straight from the pages of The Flash comics (or The CW series), as it perfectly embodies every aspect of Eobard's sinister costume down to the T-shirt. The Catwoman cosplayer seems to be drawing inspiration less from the source material itself and more from Tim Burton's Batman: Homecoming - arguably the most iconic iteration of Catwoman to date. With white stitching, tight leather, and whips, the Catwoman cosplayer's costume and attitude are sure to impress Michelle Pfeiffer proud.

Beyond the obvious quality of these sets, these cosplays reveal an important point in DC lore. While Catwoman and Reverse Flash are fairly well-known, in part due to their aforementioned live-action performances, they still don't get the respect they deserve as villains on a more mainstream scale. Reverse-Flash still isn't a household name, despite the fact that he can change the entire DC Universe at will and basically never die. Meanwhile, Catwoman is well known, but not a villain. Even her character description in this article points out that she is often an anti-hero, but the truth is that she is actually a pretty scary bad guy, as evidenced by Tom King's Batman: A Killing Time storyline Catwoman can really Shine as a full-on Gotham villain.

Reverse-Flash possesses god-level powers but is not widely known, while Catwoman is better known as a mischievous anti-hero than a true villain, though she has more than earned that title for herself. Essentially, Reverse-Flash and Catwoman might be DC's most underrated villains for entirely different reasons, and this cosplay reveals just that—while also showing off some truly impressive looks.

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