Remember how Cocaine Bear ended? We do the same. it fucking rules

Cocaine Bear is a wild ride, and its ending is no exception. We analyze the movie's sequel potential, its ending, and what really happened to the bear.

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Cocaine Bear

^ Cocaine Bear ends up going to some interesting places, leaving something behind in a way that hints at a possible sequel, while also wrapping up the main story. Directed by Elizabeth Banks and written by Jimmy Warden, "Cocaine Bear" is loosely based on the true story of a black bear who swallowed 40 cases of cocaine.

The story of Cocaine Bear is so wild that the filmmakers took considerable liberties shaping the film's narrative around the titular bear's violent rampage. Early reactions to Cocaine Bear suggest it's fun and entertaining. In the film, park rangers, tourists, drug dealers, a nurse and the police intertwine. Each of them becomes the target of a cocaine bear at some point, resulting in an action comedy filled with gore, violence, and absurdity. The film's ending is decisive, but it also opens doors for many more.

Syd pushes Eddie, Daveed, and Reba to continue their search for the lost cocaine. This leads them to a cave where Sally, her daughter Dee Dee and best friend Henry are hiding. While cocaine bears are still on the hunt, Syd tries to stop Leaving her cubs trying to get another duffel bag full of cocaine. A confrontation between Cocaine Bear and Syd ensues, and while the drug smuggler shoots the bear, she and the cubs charge on Syd, eventually killing him, while the others flee to safety. Sari and the kids go home, and Daveed and Eddie find Wade. Meanwhile, Cocaine Bear and her cubs are alive and well.

What Happened At The End Of Cocaine Bear

In Cocaine Bear, the black bear and her cubs survived, killing many humans who dared cross her path. The end of Banksy's film brings the cocaine bear back to life, though she snorts pounds of cocaine, bringing a slightly happy ending for her and her cubs. In fact, the cocaine bear was found dead of an overdose just three months after drug smuggler Andrew C. Thornton II's plane dropped a bag of cocaine in 1985. There were 40 opened bags of cocaine around the black bear.

How Cocaine Bear's Ending Fate Compares To Real Life

Cocaine Bear was driven by the demand for more cocaine. She'll kill to get it, especially if she smells it on someone. Crucially, however, the cocaine bears appear to be enraged by humans Fall victim to their drug use and illegal activities. Cocaine Bear, who was originally thinking of her own business and taking care of her cubs, has become addicted to cocaine and is in constant need of redress. The animal can no longer live a normal life in the forest, and the cocaine bear's rage has given way to revenge.

Why Cocaine Bear Really Attacks Humans

The creature seeks out anyone who gets in the way of getting cocaine, and lashes out at those who are just there - whether or not it involves getting more cocaine. What is certain is that human mismanagement of cocaine is to blame for causing cocaine bears to go feral, and raids may be a way of punishing them for their crimes. Otherwise, Cocaine Bear would not have caught up with them and continued to live a peaceful life.

Dee Dee is the only character in Cocaine Bear who was physically attacked and lived to tell the story. Dee Dee was able to escape the attack and reach safety, leaving a trail for her mother to follow to find her. Cocaine Bear May Realize Diddy Was a Kid, Remembers Her own cub, let her go. Even the cubs didn't hurt Dee Dee, it was as if the entire bear family realized she had nothing to do with what was going on. Diddy may also have succeeded in repelling the cocaine bear and fleeing, forcing the animal to hunt other humans.

Why Cocaine Bear Didn’t Kill Dee Dee

Officer Reba is revealed to be working with Syd, possibly giving him information on the whereabouts of cocaine and other leads passed on by Detective Bob. Bob is really hurt by Reba's betrayal - he trusts her as a colleague and believes she wants to catch the drug dealer just like he did. But Reba is looking out for herself, and if the drugs are delivered to Syd's boss, she's likely to get a cut. It's possible that Reba had been working with Sid long before the cocaine bear incident, and being an officer was just a way to get information so he wouldn't get caught smuggling drugs.

Why Reba Betrayed Detective Bob

Syd shot Cocaine Bear a couple of times (at least), and when she fell, a puff of cocaine revived her despite the bullets and falling The cliffs should have killed the animals. Cocaine bears don't particularly care about the truth, so in this case, the cocaine in her system could be pumping up the adrenaline and even pushing the bullet out of her body to climb up. The cocaine bear is supposed to die, but the cocaine ends up driving the animal throughout the Elizabeth Banks film, and some bullets don't stop it.

How Did Cocaine Bear Survive After Being Shot?

Eddie was disappointed with his father for most of Cocaine Bear. Syd wants Eddie to work with him again because it's a family business, but he also probably doesn't want to do it alone and doesn't trust anyone (except Daveed). Drug smuggling seemed like a lonely business, and Sid didn't have many people around. Syd also believes that Eddie has made him "weak" by leaving the family business to start a family. For Syd, returning to a life of drug smuggling will make Eddie remember what is hard. It's Syd's twisted approach to caring, though his insistence alienates Eddie even more.

Why Syd Wanted Eddie Back In The Drug Business (After Leaving It Behind)

Syd serious That means if he doesn't collect the remaining cocaine, worth $14 million per duffel bag, the Colombian drug dealers he works for will come after him, Eddie, and Eddie's son Wade. When Syd dies at the end of the movie, Eddie and Daveed return to Wade's house. However, there is no doubt that Syd's bosses were so overwhelmed that so much cocaine was lost. Their anger will likely lead to Eddie and David being hunted down. After all, they're the only ones involved besides Syd, and the crime boss at least knows to target Eddie and his son.

Will Syd’s Crime Bosses Go After Eddie & Daveed?

Eddie and Daveed's only way out is for them to run away with Wade, disappear off the grid so they can't be easily spotted, and wait for the whole thing to pass. It's also possible that once Syd's bosses heard about what happened to the cocaine bear, they thought Eddie and Daveed were also victims of this animal attack. Officer Reba can write a fake report detailing Eddie and Daveed's deaths at the hands of cocaine bears, giving them a clean record and making sure no one is after them them. With the catastrophic events unfolding, it's not hard to believe that Eddie and Daveed died along with Syd while trying to obtain cocaine.

The end of the action comedy finds Cocaine Bear and her cubs alive and well, but still feral from cocaine. Considering that the cocaine bear doesn't die, Elizabeth Banks deftly sets up the sequel for more forest shenanigans, and the ending suggests the animal will go on to kill more people. There's also teenage O'Shea Jackson Jr. and Alden Ehrenreich's characters hunting for cocaine together. He left and took a duffel bag full of drugs with him. While hitchhiking, he almost left the bag and a flock of sheep behind before remembering to remove the bag to keep them from ingesting the cocaine.

How Cocaine Bear Sets Up A Sequel

This moment occurs in a mid-credits scene for Cocaine Bear, suggesting that more animals than Cocaine Bear may end up going on a killing spree. This creates an exciting future for Cocaine Bear, with screenwriter Jimmy Worden hinting that he has a lot of ideas for a potential sequel, including Cocaine Bear in space. The sequel may also include more Cocaine Bear cubs, as they also snorted cocaine and looked Ready to attack near the end of the film.

Cocaine Bear touches on themes of man and nature. Cocaine bears chasing humans show that while humans are at the top of the food chain, that wasn't always the case. Animals can still kill and injure people, especially when the latter are in the wild. Crucially, Cocaine Bear asserts that human excess has wreaked havoc, creating – unintentionally or not – conditions that are detrimental to nature and the creatures within it. After all, the cocaine bears wouldn't be addicted if the pilots hadn't dropped bags of cocaine into the wilderness. The movie is certainly entertaining, but it does lean towards the damage done to the bears and their negative side effects.

The Real Meaning Of Cocaine Bear’s Ending

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