Original Star Trek theme song with lyrics by Gene Roddenberry

Gene Roddenberry wrote unused lyrics to the Star Trek: TOS theme song for less noble reasons, alienating the show's composer Alexander Kurach ( Alexander Courage).

"Star Trek: The Originals" series creator Gene Roddenberry wrote an unused set of lyrics to the show's iconic theme song for less than noble reasons, alienating theme song's composer Alexander Kurach . Courage was the second choice to write theme song and soundtrack for the first season of TOS after composer Jerry Goldsmith was forced to turn it down due to other commitments. TOS was largely an orchestral player, and Courage had the opportunity to show that he was capable of creating his own compelling themes.

More courage than success. While TOS's full-length theme song is one of the most recognizable in television history, the opening fanfare has more life, appearing in nearly every Star Trek show and movie. His incidental music for TOS sets the tone for the series, with bombastic cues bright with Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy). , action-packed adventure is the perfect match. Unfortunately, Courage's contribution to the franchise ended up being short-lived due to Roddenberry's dastardly actions.

Why Roddenberry Wrote Lyrics To The TOS Theme Song

During production on the first season of Star Trek: TOS, Roddenberry published lyrics to a set of theme songs. the lyrics themselves are saccharine, watch kirk star The Trek sails through lovers' lenses, but that's not really a problem because Roddenberry never intended to use them. The "Star Trek" creator took advantage of a loophole in Courage's contract, which stipulated that if Roddenberry wrote the lyrics, he would be able to receive half of the song's royalties.

Roddenberry's actions caught Courage off guard, and when the composer contacted the creators of Star Trek, Gene was completely unapologetic, arguing that he must do everything possible to profit from the underperforming TOS. Understandably, Courage left before production on TOS season 2 began. Courage was replaced by Fred Steiner, who produced most of the side music for TOS.

Why TOS' Theme Composer Never Worked With Roddenberry Again

Courage's animosity towards Roddenberry persists, and he will no longer work directly with the Star Trek creators on royalties. Courage did return for two episodes of TOS season 3, "The Incident of the Enterprise" and "Plato's Stepson," as Roddenberry stepped down as the series' executive producer for the third and final season. Courage was persuaded to return at the behest of producer Robert Justman.

Valor in Star Trek isn't quite over yet. Composer Jerry Goldsmith enlists his friend Courage to revise his original TOS theme for a segment from Star Trek: The Motion picture. Courage will also go on to score Goldsmith's two films featuring the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast - Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. Alexander Courage deserved a more enduring legacy than he usually received for his contributions to the Star Trek: The Original franchise, unfortunately he wasn't given the same kind of attention as some of the other Star Trek composers due to Roddenberry's questionable dealings. highly valued.

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