One piece reveals the secret location of the Straw Hat Crew's greatest ally

The latest chapter of One Piece solves one of the series' great mysteries - the secret location of the Straw Hat Pirates' longest ally.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1074 of One Piece

One Piece loves to unravel the mysteries to make a big splash, and the latest chapter in the series is no exception. After hundreds of chapters, the longstanding mystery of the whereabouts of the Straw Hat Crew's closest ally, Princess Vivi, is finally revealed.

For years, One Piece fans have speculated about Princess Vivi's whereabouts. The comics have always been full of twists and turns, but the disappearance of this beloved character has been a hot topic among fans. The circumstances of Vivi's disappearance are also odd, as she disappeared from Fantasia around the same time news broke that Sabo had assassinated King Cobra of Alabasta. However, the latest chapter of One Piece finally solves the mystery. According to reports, both Weiwei and the former king of Drum Island, Wapole, boarded with Morgans, the world's underground news boss.

Princess Vivi Has Kept Track of The Straw Hats' Achievements

This discovery sparked a storm of new theories and speculation among One Piece fans. It's clear that underground news lord Morgans has some sort of hidden agenda for the world government, but the circumstances of Vivi's disappearance from the public eye are Still unknown. Interestingly, this also provides a whole new framework for analyzing any news released in the One Piece universe. If Morgans was willing to shield World Government fugitives, who knows what else he did to subtly reduce their influence and power. It is also very possible now that the news that the King Cobra died in the hands of Sabo is a lie^ With Sabo's character, it is very likely that the news that the King Cobra died in the hands of Sabo is a complete lie. Sabo is known to be an empathetic and respectable fighter who fought alongside the Revolutionary Army, so it's unlikely he killed King Cobra. This led some fans to speculate that Cobra might still be alive and that his death was a cover story to hide him away from the World Government. If this is the case, then Vivi's disappearance could be the result of her attempt to protect her father. Because of such speculation, it is also worth considering the relationship between Vivi and Morgans. Vivi is known for being a very likable character in One Piece, So it's possible she befriended Morgans. This connection is probably why she is with him and why she trusts him. However, Morgans is also very likely to use Vivi to achieve his own goals. He prides himself on being able to influence nearly everyone across the globe, and his true goals have so far remained hidden from readers.

One Piece Reveals Vivi Is Hiding With Morgans And Wapol

With the latest chapter of One Piece finally unraveling the mystery of Vivi's whereabouts, fans can rest easy knowing she's safe and not being tortured by the World Government as many once believed. Many new theories leave us wondering about Vivi's motives and Morgans' hidden agenda. Despite all the speculation, the true truth behind Vivi's disappearance and her relationship with One Piece Morgans remains unknown, but is almost guaranteed to be revealed soon...^More: One Piece Becomes New in Amazing Star Wars OFFICIAL ART^ The newest chapter of One Piece is now available from Viz Media!

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